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'Lazy artifact', easily open the door for guests anywhere

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-06
Many times we don't want to go to the door and open the door with the key. Lazy little people'. Lazy artifact is coming' Don't worry about walking anymore, NokiHomeSolutions smart lock senses the existence of the owner, and the interactivity is greatly improved! NokiHomeSolutions smart lock an Austrian company NokiHomeSolutions launched this Noki smart door lock system, allowing you to go to the door, the door automatically opens for you, and it closes for you when you go out. No longer need a key, just put the phone on your body. The design is derived from Europe and is specially designed for European families. It is only suitable for European lock cylinders and can be said to be self-produced. Noki uses Bluetooth and GPS technology, Noki can automatically open and close the door, and will not lock the door at home. Noki is installed directly on the lock cylinder inside the door without replacing the entire lock cylinder. After the phone and Noki Bluetooth are paired, the door lock can be controlled by pairing the App. Its battery can be used for 300 days. If there is no electricity, it will send a low-power reminder to the mobile phone in advance, and there will be a display on the door lock. The pairing App has Android and iOS versions. You can also share the password to your family and friends, and authorize them to visit your home. Of course, you can also pull black at any time, let him not enter your door. I often don't remember whether I closed the door or not. NokiApp can also check the status of the house. If someone enters the house, there will be a push notification on the App. NokiHomeSolutions also launched a NokiBridge, with the Noki smart door lock system, allowing you to remotely switch the door, no longer limited to the Bluetooth range (10 m or so). NokiBridge requires WiFi connection and plug-in socket, and the socket should be close to Noki smart door lock, within 10 meters. In a word, Noki opens the door close to Bluetooth and remote to WiFi. If the phone is dead, lost, the phone App is faulty, etc. , Noki will not let you sleep on the street. You can open the door with the original key, because the lock has not been changed; You can let authorized family and friends open the door to you remotely; You can call, Noki hotline, after the password authentication is correct, the company will open the door for you; A single Noki smart door lock is 99 euros (About RMB 690) , A complete set of intelligent door locks NokiBridge)The price is 159 euros (About RMB 1108).
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