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'Lazy cancer patient' self-help book-media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-20
The seven-day National Day holiday was fleeting, and after a week of hard work, it was finally possible to celebrate Friday. For 'lazy cancer patients' like Xiaobian, the trajectory of activities during holidays is centered on the bed and radiused by the hand. I don't know where to start, 'lazy cancer patients' like Xiaobian have gradually become a kind of productivity that promotes technological progress. Because they were too lazy to sweep the floor, the sweeping robot was born because they were too lazy to drive, the driverless car was on the road because they were too lazy to carry the key, and the smart electronic lock came home. As long as the finger is touched, the door can be opened immediately. The trouble of forgetting to bring the key and being locked out will no longer exist. Not only that, users can use the mobile phone APP to unlock the lock with one key, and unlock the bracelet. When traveling far, you can share the key remotely through the mobile APP. Shared keys can be managed in time-sharing, one-time or any period of a month, which is convenient and fast, and achieves real hierarchical management, and everything is under control. In this way, the Fuyu six-eye Tianshun electronic lock is really the gospel for 'lazy cancer patients'. In the future, Fuyu will continue to optimize its products and bring you more convenient smart electronic locks, so stay tuned!
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