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Let master Huang unlock and tell you how to unlock

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-01
Do you know how to unlock the lock? No matter in work and study, or in social life, we will always encounter such or such problems, master Huang Haikou will show you how to unlock the lock. How to unlock: a paper clip or safety pin, a tension wrench (sometimes called a torque wrench), another paper clip 1. Use the paper clip to take a paper clip or safety pin and straighten it. Then make a slightly upward curved shape at the end of it. You can buy a set of professional unlocking things in the hardware store. There is a basic model for the lock used by Lao Mei. 2 insert the wrench into the lower part of the lock hole - the side facing the key teeth to enter. 3. Determine the deviation. In order to make sure how to open the lock, it is necessary to determine the direction. 4. Hold the most suitable part of the wrench by the dynamic lock eye, apply a slight force, and move the lock towards the correct deviation. 5 insert the end of the paper clip into the upper part of the lock cylinder while applying force to the lock cylinder. 6 feel the movement of paper clip in the lock hole with the pin until you feel the bullet inside. If you're opening an ordinary door lock, these bullets are probably at least five in a row. Note that many experts propose to 'smooth' the lock cylinder before unlocking. Straighten the second paper clip, bend it a few more times, and then push it into the lock without the wrench applying force. Then quickly pull it out, and use it to hold the upper part of the lock cylinder when moving the spanner. You may have broken only one or two bullets with this method. 7 push up to hold the real 'lock picking' (link). Pick up the pins in the lock one by one with a paper clip. Try to feel the moment when the pin reaches its 'unlock' position. (at this time) you should be able to feel the slight looseness and even hear the faint click. Notice that you open the farthest pin first, and then move to the next one. 8 in the process of increasing the force, increase the force on the wrench until you pick up all the pins. 9. The dynamic wrench is now in full swing. Extended reading: Tips for unlocking: 1. Use fine wire to unlock the lock 1. Find the following wire 2. Mix the wire and make a mistake 3. Insert the wire into the lock 4. Shake the wire up and down until it is locked
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