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LeTV smart door lock, socket new product exposure

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-06
Liu Caijun, director of LeTV's solutions department, said that LeTV's intelligent hardware cloud platform is based on the current video cloud platform, TV and mobile phone terminals to launch an open cloud service platform for smart home, help smart hardware manufacturers win opportunities in the highly competitive smart home market. LeTV ecology? At the developer conference, five manufacturers, including fluorite, Gubei and smart cloud, released their latest products. Liu Caijun, director of LeTV's solutions department, said that LeTV's cooperation with five manufacturers, including fluorite, Gubei and Zhiyun, can complement each other in resources and build more in line with market expectations in the future, products and services that can meet the needs of users. Leju home is a super application launched by LeTV to open the boundaries between devices. It is a super APP across terminals, making the linkage between devices simpler and better combined with intelligent hardware. Based on the support of LeTV's intelligent hardware cloud platform, le Xiaobao has become the first share of China's children's projector market through the mode of content, hardware and service. The security samurai C6 is the first product of LeTV's hardware cloud and fluorite. It has a listening position, intelligent lens shielding, military grade shaft, 720P resolution, later, LeTV intelligent hardware cloud will cooperate with Yunshi in video processing, cloud storage and distribution, and innovative business models in depth on other products. The intelligent plug-in is an intelligent control plug-in that can be controlled directly by LeTV and Hongyan. One plug-in is equal to four Smart Sockets. Hongyan company is a company with 30 years of experience in the electrical industry, this section adopts the latest international standards and material standards and adopts child safety protection door measures to ensure the quality and safety of this card. This card will be pre-sold at LeTV mall on August 25. Ding stared at the smart door lock, the door lock has a mobile phone shake, send a password at any time and a lock notice. LeTV and Ding are working together to provide a service operation platform based on the lock back end, and will carry out in-depth business model exploration in apartment hotels and partners in this field in short rent. Liu Caijun believes that with the increasing popularity of smart hardware, especially smart home, every smart hardware manufacturer hopes to create an explosive product, however, the current market determines that they often have to fight alone. LeTV released the intelligent hardware cloud platform, which is expected to be used in platform content and terminal applications' Based on LeTV's ecology, it brings more users, content and service resources to intelligent hardware manufacturers. However, manufacturers such as fluorite, Gubei and Zhiyun said they would cooperate with LeTV's intelligent hardware cloud platform, the main reason is that LeTV has superior resources that other enterprises do not have, such as cloud platform services, content resources, hardware terminals and applications, and can have natural connections with their products and business lines. Strategic cooperation with LeTV will achieve 1 1>2 win-win effect. It is reported that LeTV smart hardware cloud will hold a smart hardware developer contest in the second half of the year.
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