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Linyi indoor door lock manufacturers - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-12-12
A linyi customer looking for an indoor door lock factory cooperation, he has just inherited a project, need a batch of indoor door lock, looking for a manufacturer directly with goods price, guaranteed quality and so on, combined with his living in linyi, just want to find the linyi indoor door lock manufacturers, this distance is relatively close, convenient. The idea of the customer is thinking is correct, but it has certain problem, not to mention the linyi manufacturer, if you have, power? All of these are unknown.     Linyi indoor door lock manufacturers, looking for indoor door lock manufacturers, remember restricted areas as far as possible, unless this item is a local specialty, it is indoor door lock is not specialty. A domestic logistics nowadays, jiangsu 3 day arrived, and a week can reach the remote areas. Region, therefore, is not important, the quality of indoor door lock is the key, which is behind the customer choice and rich yu hardware cooperation. Fu yu hardware used the fifth generation DFN mute technology, interior door lock life than their peers to extend more than five years, good quality.     Linyi indoor door lock manufacturers, can choose rich yu hardware, production of every interior door lock is after hundreds of test procedure, in accordance with national standards, product is unqualified, resolute don't outbound. Within the warranty period, if the customer use the interior door product failure, fu yu hardware quick after-sale service, provide 2 hours to help customers solve problems.
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