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'Liwei cloud operation and maintenance' helps the court to enhance the value of informatization

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-06
From ZNV Zhongxing Liwei Weiyun operation and maintenance' Since the center was formally established, cloud operation and maintenance technology has developed rapidly, and products have been continuously upgraded and rapidly applied on a large scale in the public security department, intelligent building, chain, cold chain and other industries. At present, the service site has exceeded 400 thousand. This article will take the application of liweiyun operation and maintenance in Binzhou Intermediate People's Court as an example, focusing on how liweiyun operation and maintenance can guide it technical departments such as the public security department to change the operation and maintenance mode and improve the work efficiency of core businesses. The current situation and problems of court informatization construction. In recent years, with the increasing emphasis on informatization construction by the Supreme Court and the provincial high court, the informatization construction tasks of courts at various levels have gradually increased, the maintenance of information Foundation and application equipment is also gradually increasing. Judging from the current situation of court informatization construction, more attention has been paid to construction, too little attention has been paid to operation and maintenance alone, and insufficient awareness of operation and maintenance is mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1. The number of full-time staff is small. Take the Intermediate People's Court as an example. One of its technicians has to face dozens of staff members. The daily handling of all kinds of trivial daily operations and maintenance has exhausted manpower. Therefore, it is even more difficult to draw out manpower to carry out the scale and implementation of information construction. 2. The technical ability of the full-time staff of many operation and maintenance centers is insufficient, and the importance of the full-time staff is not enough. Some employ temporary workers, resulting in great hidden dangers in system operation and maintenance and construction. Some adopt the form of outsourcing, which leads to the problem that the fault handling is not timely and the current state of the equipment cannot be mastered in real time. 3. The operation and maintenance center lacks sufficient knowledge and understanding of the information operation and maintenance. This requires continuous market education and communication for customers in the early planning. Liwei cloud operation and maintenance'What is it? Liwei cloud operation and maintenance' The service provides self-developed auxiliary or fully managed Internet of Things application platform services according to customer needs. Through the Internet of Things technology, video surveillance technology, Operation Support Platform (OSS) And the mobile scheduling system provides customers with one-stop and all-round service services such as mobile monitoring, intelligent watch and system operation and maintenance. The general situation of the project is in line with the informatization construction of the balance project of Binzhou Court. In view of the fact that the court attaches great importance to the stable operation of the computer room but has no professional operation and maintenance, online service and offline hosting mode are adopted, it provides remote watch, big data analysis, early warning and alarm push services to meet the requirements of unattended and long-term stable operation of the court computer room. Solution 1. Provide one-stop and fully managed O & amp; M services in the form of service leasing to achieve the lowest O & amp; M costs for the court; 2. The computer room operation and maintenance monitoring system based on B/S architecture is deployed on the encrypted Liwei cloud platform. For all infrastructure equipment in the data center, including centralized monitoring and management of power, environment, video, entrance guard, fire fighting and other equipment; 3. Provide Android and iOS versions of APP for customers to view system status anytime and anywhere. Support and configure functions such as permission management, fault management, log management, report management, and access control management; 4. The remote management function based on Web realizes the safety of the computer room without duty through flexible alarm methods such as short message, Email, mobile phone APP alarm, etc; 5. Timely fault response service, active on-site maintenance service and regular online and offline inspection service. Customer value 1. The diversified operation and maintenance tools of APP and Web are convenient for the court technology department to master the status of the computer room anytime and anywhere. In the form of service leasing, there is no need to invest a large amount of hardware at one time, thus saving the daily operating cost of the court; 2. The fully managed service mode not only frees the limited manpower of Binzhou court from the numerous basic operation and maintenance matters, more importantly, it has injected professional technology and leading management elements into the increasingly complex operation and maintenance of the court, providing technical guarantee for the stability of the business system; 3. It meets the requirements of the informatization construction of the court balance project. The relevant technical departments of the court can focus more on and study the development direction and mode of information technology that can provide more powerful functions and better experience for the core business of the court. Helping the court to shape its core competitiveness, as Luo Zhenyu said in an open class, the overall development direction of mankind has never changed, the social division of labor will only become more and more detailed in the future, and all new tools will emerge, both promote a more detailed division of labor. Therefore, the future is not a cross-border and mix and match, but a more refined social division of labor and specialty. 'Liwei cloud operation and maintenance' It also adheres to the idea that it hopes to give full play to its more than 20 years of experience in the fields of dynamic environment and video surveillance and the 1000 professional operation and maintenance manpower nationwide, so as to make maximum use of social resources, to guide the technical departments of courts, chains and other organizations to change from the operation and maintenance mode based on basic affairs to the management mode based on leading, evaluating, improving, improving and developing, the basic, repetitive and competitive operation and maintenance work will be handed over to professional enterprises so that customers can obtain professional operation and maintenance support services as soon as possible and realize standardized and standardized management of the information application environment.
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