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by:FUYU lock     2020-12-15
With the wave of reform and opening up, more and more foreign products into the ordinary people family, room door lock is one of them. Imported lock brand, many customers want to know, want to buy imported high-grade door locks, indoor security, improve the grade of life. Imported lock brands can see rich yu hardware, Germany imported brand, using German technology production, quality is guaranteed.     Imported lock brand, rich yu hardware brand room door lock, from raw materials procurement to production adopts German standards making process. Material: select z3 wear resistant composite material, long service life. Technology: using their research and development of the fifth generation of DFN mute technology, after the test, a longer life expectancy than the domestic similar products to more than 5 years. In addition to high quality, rich yu hardware also provide one-on-one service, not install door lock fails, all no problem, look for customer service, quick fix to 2 hours.     Imported lock brand, factory address with hardware wholesale base of zhejiang province, the existing lock more than 500 kinds of style, and in view of the domestic market, every year will launch in accordance with domestic consumption concept design. In addition to more style, good quality and after-sales guaranteed, because they are manufacturer, production sales, therefore, is wholesale prices, on the customer, let the customer get more discount. Details, click on the online customer service, consulting.
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