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Lock - how should choose 21 years experience for your answer

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-02
In recent decades, with the rapid development of the technology, the door industry has achieved leapfrog development, many on the market the modelling of not less than 1000 many kinds of style, and even some styles clearly looks were similar, but the price is far, the existence of a variety of reasons, led to consumers when selecting a room door lock are struggling with what design to suit yourself. Fu yu hardware today is to introduce a XiaFang locks should be how to choose, at the time of choice depends on what factors?     1, the lock body and lock & emsp;   For the door lock body and lock core directly affects its quality, good lock on the market at present is made of pure copper, lock body to 304 stainless steel performance better. When choosing to suggest to the businessman asked clear, only internal use good material, the door can be used for a longer time, do not rust at the meeting, not flexible, and so on.     2, see the appearance & emsp;   Beautiful or not will directly decide the consumer first impression, the current market popular room door lock is given priority to with minimalist, overall modelling is simple, more in line with the present young aesthetic point of view. The appearance of the room door lock mainly affected by the production process, such as: polishing, plating, polishing, etc. Technology is more mature, more sophisticated, the appearance of the room door lock is more beautiful.     3, see a brand & emsp;   Brand is the consumer in choosing a lock, one of the important factors not to be ignored when the door is an important defense home security, choose to have the brand of products, quality, more secure. Therefore, small make up recommend before select lock, can know about the industry to the Internet what are the brand, as a reference.     4, the material & emsp;   Now in the market are most of the main door USES: stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and pure copper, stainless steel and zinc alloy occupies the mainstream status, design is rich, not only aesthetically pleasing, and the price is not high, suitable for mass consumer choice.     Conclusion: & emsp;   Above is the small make up about 'lock how to choose' for everybody to do the related introduction, in addition to the above points, in choosing a room door lock should be combined with their own actual situation. In addition, in addition to the product itself, the businessman to provide after-sales service also want to know, such as: within the warranty period, product failure, how to after sales, and so on.
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