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Lock industry history

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-14
Since human invention locks, has experienced one thousand years of development and change, but change from its trail, cannot leave the password, just different ways of storage password. Different traditional key lock gear, and read it out is a password, magnetic lock password is coated with different intensity of magnetic on magnetic, fingerprint type password is the uniqueness of the fingerprints; It is because of the password storage in a different way, determines the value differences of lock. , traditional night lock, atomic locks padlock or door lock, whether for single key slot or cross slot, insert the key into the slot, squash with the rugged spoonful of gear teeth marbles, makes the outer lock and flush and thus axis of rotation, toggle lock lock tongue. The key because of the small amount of keys, key repeat rate is high, often arise a key to open many lock, lock and door clasp vulnerable to damage. King 'unlock' the universal key to within a few seconds to open the lock. Users often self-mockery: 'gentleman won't lock lock to live'. Many occasions, lock into a decoration. However, although there are so many problems, but the habits of guard against theft or to continue to use for thousands of years, enduring, numerous technologies, the emergence of new products, although to a certain extent, make up for the deficiency of the night lock, atomic lock cannot replace night lock production process is simple, low cost, low price advantage, but difficult to overcome its own shortcomings exposed gradually. Safety problems become a lot of people worried of important matters.
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