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Lock industry of 'spear' and 'strong shield'

by:FUYU     2020-01-18
2011-01- 24 Source: modern lock industry network browsing: 284 comments: 0 Core tip: according to senior people in the lock industry, locks were born simultaneously with private ownership in order to protect their own property from theft. Tracing back to the source, the demand for property not to be stolen has also become the core logic to promote the development of locks. According to a senior person in the lockset industry, the lock was born simultaneously with private ownership, and its purpose was to protect its own property from being stolen. Tracing back to the source, the demand for property not to be stolen has also become the core logic to promote the development of locks. There are more than 20 kinds of key options for the three-spring lock, more than 80 kinds of Cam rotary lock, and more than 2500 kinds of key numbers for the spring lock, the improved bullet lock can choose 1 million kinds of keys. Obviously, the locks in this period are based on the probability of being opened by strangers, and the three-spring lock is eventually replaced by the bullet lock. The probability is very interesting. Even if it is one in 1 million, it shows that among the 1 million key numbers, the lock can be opened eventually, which shows that the lock is only a relatively safe concept. Locks in this period were collectively referred to as mechanical locks due to the use of mechanical devices. Then, scientists continue to study, since the mechanical lock is not a real safety lock, what kind of identification technology is unique, in other words: only the owner of the lock can open it? Scientists have found through research that fingerprints and iris have the highest probability of uniqueness. After decades of exploration, fingerprint locks have begun to enter the room, widely used in military, government, finance, insurance, villas and other high-end, confidential applications. This kind of lock is collectively called intelligent lock or biological intelligent lock; It relies on biometric technology and combines high-precision algorithms with software programming. I have to say that in the process of pursuing ultimate safety in the lockset industry, a transitional product has emerged--Password card lock (Or: electronic card lock), Commonly known as: electronic lock. It opens the lock by setting a six-digit password, or uses the chip built-in IC card to sense the lock, or both. However, in the specific use process, the password is easy to forget ( Or the level of thieves is improved. They sprinkle special substances on the surface of the password keyboard. After the owner has operated the keyboard, fingerprints will be left on the keyboard. They can easily steal passwords according to fingerprints); The card of the card lock is easy to be lost, and the electronic lock is criticized in the current market. According to statistics, China's high-end lock market is currently growing at a high speed of more than 20% per year, and the future space is gratifying. And with the improvement of the industrial chain, the upper, middle and lower reaches have their own killers, and the concept is one after another, which makes people confused. In the final analysis, the contradiction between the spear and the shield is the basis for consumption and procurement. Label: bullet lock three spring lock mechanical lock fingerprint lock
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