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'Lock King' Li Shande Quanzhou offers a reward of 2. 1 million luxury cars'

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-17
2015-04- 28 Source: Pacific home network Browse: 217 comment: 0 Core tip: I believe many people have heard of contradictory stories. On April 25, the Quanzhou Binhai Hotel in Fujian province staged a realistic version, contradictory. Wang Li, a lock expert from Zhongshan, believes that many people have heard of contradictory stories. On April 25, the Quanzhou Binhai Hotel in Fujian province staged a realistic version, contradictory. Yuema lockset expert Suo Wang Li Shande from Zhongshan offered a reward of 2. 1 million luxury cars for smashing signs: able to lock the King's tournament in China (Quanzhou division) Within 10 minutes of the finals, the first person who used the shortest time to open the yuema safe provided by the organizer will receive the luxury car award and will be hired as a technical consultant for the yuema lock for ten years. The picture shows the millions of luxury cars offered by lock Wang Li Shande. It is understood that Li Shande, the founder of the lock, is not the first time in Quanzhou, as early as 2004, he carried Yue Ma Suo to Quanzhou and offered a large reward for those who could open up technology within the specified time. Not long ago, the champion set the first stop of the 2015 China super lock King tournament to Wuyi, Jiangmen, Guangdong. No one on the scene was able to successfully challenge the yuema safe on that day, and the luxury car award was once again lost. Can the master of Quanzhou's trip to Quanzhou be able to find the master of unlocking and seek defeat? What is puzzling is why the owner has repeatedly set up a competition to seek people who can open their own products with technology? The picture shows the scene of the Quanzhou division of the China Super lock King tournament. The reporter specially came to the China Super lock King tournament (Quanzhou division)The scene of the game was explored. The scene of the competition was overcrowded. Locksmiths from all over the country came to the wind and signed up to challenge the yuema safe. The competition was quite fierce. Regrettably, no one in the China Super lock King Championship can successfully open the yuema safe within a limited time. The contestants once again missed the grand prize of the luxury car. The picture shows that Quanzhou locksmiths are unlocking the lock, Wang Li Shande said that the reason why the Chinese Super lock King Championship has been held in various parts of the country over the years is to verify whether the product technology is passed, whether it can provide products that make the people safe and secure; On the other hand because getting. At the same time, the more important reason for holding the China Super lock King Championship is to promote the popularization of lock security and anti-theft knowledge. The thief's technology is increasingly improving, and the public's anti-theft awareness needs to continue to improve. According to incomplete statistics, 70% of indoor thefts start from the lock cylinder, of which 40% are caused by technical unlocking. Many families are still using locks with low safety factor such as Class A locks, and even safes in their homes have potential safety hazards. On the recent 4. In the case of the Harbin gold robbery, the two stolen safes were opened by Zhang, a criminal suspect who taught himself how to unlock. The gold store is used to place gold safes, not to mention the safes in the homes of ordinary citizens? The picture shows that Wang Li Shande, the lock of the lock, has repeatedly occurred in the case of unsafe locks. At the scene of the competition, Wang Li Shande reminded the general public from a professional perspective: according to national standards, locks are classified into Grade A according to their protective ability (General protection level)Level B (Advanced Protection level)Try to choose locks above class B. The mechanical lock on the safe is also divided into AB level, which needs to be carefully identified to avoid being cheated! Label: yuema lockset lock King safe
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