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by:FUYU lock     2021-01-11
Whether shopping online or offline consumption, everyone is very keen for the price of the product, after all, money is not an easy thing. Lock probably how many, need to replace the lock for home customers believe that is very attention, lock possible hundreds of high price, low more than ten dollars. Lock probably how many money to need to know the purchase channels, if the number is more, can find manufacturers, factory price, the price is lower; If the quantity is less, from the hardware store to buy, the unit price is high.     Lock probably how many, and has passed through several hands, after the link, the more the higher the costs, to the hand of the customer price nature also; If buy directly from production source, that is, direct manufacturers, not only style, style diversity, and the price will be lower than the retail price on the market a lot. And because is manufacturer sells his room door lock, their internal structure for the product, how to install is very clearly, if later use process which link failed, looking for a manufacturer is easy to be solved.     Lock probably how many, can ask rich yu hardware online, manufacturers selling door, don't walk the middlemen link, not price, customer service 24 hours online, tell she wants lock model, direct access to the price, not add any additional cost to the customer.
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