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'Lock products, people's assured consumption guide' released in Beijing

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-14
2015-10- 22 Source: People's Political Consultative Conference newspaper Browse: 61 comments: 0 Core tip: October 19, lock products people rest assured consumption guide release event was held in Beijing. On October 19, the release of the guide to the consumption of lock products was held in Beijing. Leaders, guests and experts of relevant departments such as China Consumers Association, State Administration for Industry and Commerce, testing center of the Ministry of Public Security, from the perspective of active and passive safety, this paper explains and expounds lock-related knowledge such as lock safety, consumer demand, international lock safety and relevant experience. In addition, lei Xianming, chairman of Guangdong Golden point atomic Lock Co. , Ltd. , Liao Haiqiang, R & D director of Zhongshan Jixin lock cylinder Co. , Ltd. , and Qi Zhi, chairman of Guangdong juosen hardware Precision Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. , and other representatives from technology, R & D, structure and technology intellectual property rights and other aspects popularize lock-related knowledge for consumers, and on-site demonstration of the difference between a and B lock cylinders for consumers. The picture shows the lock companies participating in the conference opening the lock in the live demonstration technology. Label: Gold Dot Atom-based lock cylinder
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