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Lock- Rs Smart Lock: no key or password

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-07
The lock is almost the daily necessities that we have the most contact with. We use it in the door of the home, the cabinet door of the dressing room, and all kinds of private places that need to ensure the safety of the property. However, for a long time, the opening method of the lock has hardly changed except for the appearance change. Early use of physical keys, and then developed to use passwords to open. Later, with the continuous development of smart devices, there are also Bluetooth door locks that can be opened through smart phones. Lock- Rs Smart Lock: no key or password. Although the key and password are very easy to unlock, it is easy to forget or forget the password. So, this name is Lock-Rs Bluetooth lock is applied. Lock- Rs is different from the previous Bluetooth door lock. The earlier Bluetooth door lock relies heavily on intelligent devices. And Lock- Rs is equipped with a special bracelet to unlock, worn directly on the hand, easy to carry and more convenient to use. Lock-Rs first saw for this Lock- For Rs Bluetooth lock, its bracelet is the key'. Only when the key is close to the lock body itself or next to the smart device that needs to be locked, the lock body can be opened by itself without any dependence. In fact, Lock- The key of Rs is very simple, only the bracelet key is close, the door lock or the door lock can be easily opened. Moreover, the interior is equipped with an anodized titanium oxide lock, which is safer than the traditional key lock. Lock- Rs can also act as a lock screen password'In addition to the traditional door Lock, Lock-Rs can also protect smart phones. For example, encrypt various information documents such as Notepad, videos, pictures and PDF documents in the mobile phone. Another Lock- Rs can also encrypt users' notebooks, all of which are very simple to operate. Users only need to bring their bracelets close to the computer and connect them via low-power Bluetooth. In this way, you only need to wear a bracelet close to the computer, and you no longer need to manually enter the password again and again. In addition, Lock- Rs also has a set to choose from, and multiple locks are equipped with a bracelet, which eliminates the need to find a bunch of keys every time and then carefully identify the trouble. Lock- Rs status: in crowdfunding at present, this Lock- Rs has already logged on to the crowdfunding website to raise funds, and its research and development team hopes to raise 80000 US dollars in loans. At this stage, a total of 65 people support the project and plan to raise US $80000. Lock-Rs early bird price is $34 (About RMB 210)Which includes a lock body and a bracelet.
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