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Lock the top ten famous brand what - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-04
For the lock believes everyone not unfamiliar, common to all kinds of wooden door, bedroom door, kitchen door, study door, and so on. Many for lock don't understand before purchase, consumers are habitual online search lock what are top ten famous brand, thinking of buy from lock top ten famous brand quality, do not want to be poor. On the contrary, to small make up many years of experience in the door industry knowledge, so far the door association or other organization issued 'lock the top ten famous brand', you see the information on the Internet does not have a high degree of pity. So when choosing the door should pay attention to what? Look small make up to continue to go ahead.     What lock top ten famous brand, whatever the room door lock, it is door lock manufacturers, therefore, lock the quality and the manufacturers have a direct relationship, select lock, choose to have the strength, the formal manufacturers. Inching locks knows, every lock box, box will indicate the brand name and address of manufacturer, use what material and other related information. Take fu yu hardware, we is the production of lock are these information, customers to check the Internet to know, can clear the strength, is a lock brands.     What lock top ten famous brand, rich yu hardware lock factory is in wenzhou, zhejiang province, in guangdong, hefei has its own warehouse, already in the door business for 21 years, rich experience, with product research and development staff of 21 people, spend a lot of money every year for new product development, is one of the lock brand. Production room door lock is more than 600000 per month, sold to many places across the country, a lot of friends at home with the locks are rich yu hardware production, powerful, with brand.
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