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Lock with 50 and 58 - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-02
A complete set of lock the accessories included: a lock core, square bar, a lock body, two keys, mouth pieces, lock screw, a screw 2, 2 parts package, fall, panels by box of a pair of door handle, a hoop one, after receiving the product, whether should open box to check parts is complete, if there is a match or lack, timely notify the merchant reissue.

is a friend to find small make up two days ago, the situation is that the bedroom door is broken in the home, going to tear open come down to a new, but not sure the door can't disorderly buy 50 and 58. Actually it is easy to solve this problem, you just need to tear open come down to the entire room door lock, to identify the use of lock body is 50 and 58, and then buy a new one to go, so how to distinguish and to continue to look down.     Lock with 50 or 58: & emsp;   First measured the distance between the square hole and the hole, if the choice of the 50 lock body is 50 cm; By the same token, if the distance is 58 cm, the choice of the lock body. Which people often said 50 and 58 refers to the square of the distance between holes and hole, the other on the market of the common room door lock in addition to 50 and 58 and 72 lock body, lock body of xiang and so on.
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