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Lockitron second generation smart door lock is about to go on sale, selling for about 618 yuan

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-07
As early as a few years ago, Lockitron launched their first smart door lock. The initial fund for the project came from crowdfunding activities. Its earlier Wi- Fi Smart Lock Lockitron has already completed the delivery at this stage, and more than 10 thousand people who invested in the product have received the product. Lockitron recently announced the suspension of the first generation of products, and said that its second generation of products only support Bluetooth smart lock Lockitron Bolt is about to go on the market. Cameron Robertson, founder of Lockitron, said: this time we have developed a separate Wi- Fi to Bluetooth bridging device will be sent with Lockitron Bolt for remote connection via the Internet. We turned to the second generation of Lockitron Bolt products and adopted a Bluetooth-only solution because we could not cope with Wi- The excessive energy consumption of Fi in non-ideal environment and the resulting unsatisfactory user experience. With the addition of this bridge connection device, Wi- Fi's energy management challenges enable users to remotely control Lockitron Bolt in real time. ' The second generation of Lockitron Bolt will have two different versions, of which the preview version will be developed and shipped in March this year at the original price of US $1/3 and US $99 (About RMB 618). After thousands of preview versions are tested and open for testing, the company will consider releasing the final version of Lockitron Bolt.
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