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Locks a new trend: high-grade, brand, diversification

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-14
As home, car, high-grade office buildings and hotels etc. The rapid development of pillar industries, and national defense, public security, finance and other systems the growing demand for high defensive locks products, high-grade locks market outlook. According to expert introduction, locks in the consumer market of high-tech products like biological recognition technology, electronic technology is still in a blank stage, but the consumers in the market demand for the desire is growing every year. Each lock companies developed IC card electronic door locks, electronic combination lock, encryption card door locks, building intercom security system, the valve locks, etc, and fingerprint lock. Because high-end locks high technical content, more prominent human nature, personalized features, so the product has a high profit. Add locks product upgrading of speed, high-end locks will gradually become the mainstream in the lock. And a lock looks be like simple, but should pass 120 procedures to complete, lock industry is a traditional industry, and is closely related to high and new technology, in the lock technology changes with each passing day today, don't have advanced equipment and design level, does not have a number of highly qualified professionals, business to lead in the industry. Copper prices rise this year, the cost of system lock an unprecedented pressure. In the first half of this year such as copper, aluminum production raw material price to rise a few degrees. Rising costs, but the product price amounted to less than one over ten of the cost of rising, if product prices and costs rise, so customers will be lost. So enterprises have said, industries are in urgent need of technology and industrial upgrading, to update the brand innovation model. Locks the innovation of the industry, we should change our ideas enterprise, the idea of change is given priority to with imitation, control technology, and increase investment in equipment, technology, research and development of patent innovation, improve product technology content, increase the differentiation degree of the product; Enterprises should pay attention to enhance brand awareness, implement brand strategy, in order to change their situation, grab middle-grade market share, promote industry healthy and rapid development. In the smart locks to breakthrough at the same time, the mechanical lock also has a lot of changes - — Hardware locks the design of more and more with the speeding up of the process of heating and urban real estate, greatly promote the decorative hardware market in consumer demand. A small decoration hardware, although small, the product function design and optimization and refinement, variety, style to outshine each other. Hardware locks design is more and more, a lot of looks more like a flower or a small animals, but its function is a lock. Are quite popular in the market, the civilian padlock mainly spherical, three bar type round plate of hand shape, embedded long cover big handle locks and lock body separate these styles. , the door is multi-purpose another trend in channel and the auxiliary lock ( Anti-theft function important) 。 The author understands from the market, at present good buy lock, brassy, stainless steel and bronze for surface is given priority to, the surface processing of color type is mainly two kinds of color combination. In terms of price, the big door lock is in commonly 150 yuan of above, you need 1000 yuan or more; Inside the room lock is relatively cheap, 120 yuan can buy good locks. Locks in China in the future development direction is: 1. Development of high-grade locks high-grade locks good market prospects, because of the high-end locks high technical content, more prominent human nature, personalized features, so the product has a high profit. Should step up spending on locks high and new technology, to promote China's lock industry structure upgrade. 2. Implementation of the strategy of famous brand locks industry well-known enterprises and brands can produce huge economic and social benefits, now locks in China face more severe challenges, competitive urge enterprises to actively response, make our country by the lock production from big to strong. 3. Multiple locks enterprises to development for itself and accurate market positioning, implement diversified development. In the field of so-called, designed to cater to the public and personal demand for locks, avoid fierce competition and mass lock is similar. Other companies want to diversified market road, avoid affected by some factors affect the fundamental development of the enterprise.
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