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Locksmith industry experience..

by:FUYU     2020-03-01
I remember that I started my apprenticeship as soon as I graduated from school. After I went to work in the factory, I decided to be a locksmith. I was just beginning to touch the industry curiously. I'm curious. I don't need a key. It can help people open the door. Don't try so hard in the future. It will be very free in the future. After entering the locksmith, it's not like this at all. I want to have a week's holiday all Arab night. It's a very luxurious thing. I guard the phone 24 hours a day, and I'm on call! Although I sometimes sit in the shop all day when I have nothing to do, I am ready to accept these tools at any time. My cell phone can't be turned off for a year, I can't chat with my friends and family for too long. I'm afraid I have to pay for the long team. I have to change the number to change another number. Why is this because there are some regular customers, regular customers, or some security or other introductions? These stable customers can't lose their bags at will. Unlike selling things in the store today, closing the door today instead of doing business, opening the door to do business tomorrow has no effect, that is, there's no way yesterday. The loss is yesterday's turnover, and we can't care about those turnover. Our locksmith relies on science and technology, you can't lose this. You really don't care about the money of single business, and are afraid of losing old customers. Sometimes when I go out, I can't come back. The old customer's phone number, although it hasn't been said, I think it is, if you are willing to wait for me to come back. I can help you for free, you deserve to respect my old customers, but I can't come back soon! I find it difficult to do our work. They can't understand. They only know that when we collect money, they think it's simple. Money is too fast! Although the locksmith didn't go out to do more work than time, we kept talking for 24 hours and stood by saying it wasn't good for money. In fact, we are very dedicated and respect our industry! I think I also have a national holiday! From time to time there are two or three days off, golden Monday week, but it's an Arab night of fantasy. It's a luxury. Everyone can have a rest on a national holiday, but we can't, but we are ready to serve our customers. Sometimes we will not rest for these single commercial funds, but for those old customers who deserve our respect, these hard customers have not been realized! I wish you all the best in the locksmith business! Smooth and smooth!
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