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Locksmith industry gradually turns to intelligent development

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-20
With the rapid development of modern science and technology, locksmith tools are also constantly improving and upgrading. From the earliest primary tools (For example, some small steel wires, small iron sheets, etc) , Rapidly developed to today's more advanced high-pressure inflation airbag, high-frequency vibration brush and electric electromagnetic lockpick; More advanced are superconducting soft ray detectors, ultrasonic high-frequency detectors and the latest laser scanners, which use various light waves and Rays to scan and detect the internal structure of locks and easily open them. At the same time, because of all kinds of computer electric control locks, coded locks, fingerprint locks at the same time, because of all kinds of computer electric control locks, coded locks, fingerprint locks and fundus retina electric control locks and a series of locks with high and new electronic technology, intelligent decoders specially aimed at this kind of locks and electronic code breaking machines have also appeared rapidly. Unlocking tools are also very compliant'The trend of the times', Gradually to a highly intelligent, silly development. The earliest and simplest iron hooks and steel sheets can master the skills only after a short practice; However, today's highly intelligent unlocking device does not need any technology or skill at all. It can be unlocked at will only by power-on to generate high-frequency vibration, which is more convenient and quick. The principle is very simple, that is, using steel wire, iron sheet, tooth mold and many other Toggle Tools, using some very common mechanical principles, use skillful force to toggle the lock cylinder so as to achieve the purpose of opening all kinds of locks non-destructively and without obvious traces. The cross lock of ordinary brand is composed of four diagonal cylindrical marbles. The precision of the Cross lock of ordinary brand is not high, and there are few I-shaped beads in the common Cross lock, so it is not difficult for us to open it with the steel wire cross lock tool, before, we must observe the distance between the first marble of the Cross lock and the two small chucks in front of the tool. If the two small chucks are too deep and the first marble is pressed on the top of the small chuck, the lock cannot be opened. When you open the cross lock, you should extend the four gripes made of four steel wires into the keyhole, gently turn the push rod with your left hand, and pull back and forth with your right hand to touch the bullet, if there is no hand feeling, the steel wire will be enlarged a little, and the steel wire can be flexibly opened or smaller depending on the situation of locks and marbles to adjust the opening angle and compression elasticity, strong adaptability. Door lock battery voltage not foot check. Hate di I electric female door lock does not use batteries to supply current, take the 5th alkaline battery as well. The battery is being used for a certain period of time. When the voltage is lengthened to a severe point, the general closure of the door will be affected. The battery needs to be replaced at that time. When changing the battery, time cannot exceed the three-in-one clock, but it is necessary to sink the old clock outside the revision lock.
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