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Looking for a regular Suzhou lock company is safe

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-07
The key has been lost or forgotten. Basically everyone has encountered this situation. In this case, we can only find the lock company to unlock it. Don't believe in some small advertisements to open the lock, in order to avoid irreparable consequences. Master Huang of Hainan teaches you how to choose a regular company to open the lock? There are many precautions for unlocking. Hainan master Huang lock company chooses some important ones here to share with you. Unlock notice 1: to find the right company to unlock and change locks: to find the right company to unlock depends on whether there is a special industry business license or whether there is a physical store in the Public Security Bureau. Note 2: determine the unlocking price: negotiate with the unlocking master about the unlocking price. At the beginning, you need to accurately explain the type of lock and the anti-theft performance, and then give a mutually satisfactory quotation according to the difficulty of unlocking. Then he also asked the master to ensure the success rate of unlocking. Three precautions for unlocking: lock can be changed without changing lock: the cost of changing lock is too high, which increases our price of unlocking and changing lock invisibly. If it is necessary to change the lock, it is preferred to change the lock cylinder. The lock cylinder is the basis of the anti-theft performance of the lock, and also the most important. If it is to change the lock cylinder, then the cost can be at least as cheap.
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