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Low-End Locks gradually withdraw from the market

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-19
At present, the domestic lockset market is oversupplied and prices are generally falling. The sales channels of domestic lockset enterprises are changing; A sales group that relies on sales to make profits, small profits but quick turnover, and keeps low prices in the fierce competition is gradually forming, and this kind of low-price competition is becoming more and more fierce. Price is the first factor that consumers value when buying locks, followed by quality. When enterprises take low price competition as the main sales channel, quality has become the main standard to test whether Lock brands can gain a firm foothold in the market. Quality is the life of an enterprise, and it is also the foundation of whether the products can stand firm in the market. According to the insiders, locks belong to labor-intensive industries. At present, the specialized production level of locks in our country is not high enough, resulting in a low entry threshold for the industry, generally, the investment is more than 100,000 yuan. Contact several processing plants and call several more workers to carry out production. Such products basically belong to the middle and low grade. Foreign lockset production is generally automated or semi-automated, while China basically belongs to'Soil gun soil gun plus people's tooling. Electroplating on the surface of locks is an important symbol of lock quality. If electroplating is a little worse, the price will be a thousand miles away. Although the lock process is almost the same as that of foreign countries, the gap in electroplating treatment has greatly weakened the international competitiveness of Chinese locks. The quality of locks should generally be inspected from the aspects of safety, theft prevention and appearance. At present, there are industry standards for locks such as security doors and automobiles, but the National General lock standards are still being formulated, this also makes the lockset industry lack industry self-discipline, and counterfeit and shoddy products are rampant. With the rapid development of the market economy and the increasing improvement of people's living standards, a large number of high-grade buildings and luxury commercial houses have emerged, what is extremely unsuitable is that the lock market in our country still stays in the original ancient production and supply, and the strong lock demand market has attracted the attention of foreign enterprises, many famous foreign lock-making enterprises have poured into China one after another, occupying most of the high-grade lock market. In this way, on the one hand, domestic enterprises are facing fierce competition from peer enterprises; on the other hand, they are also facing the impact of international famous brands after joining the trade organization. Under the transformation of market demand and fierce competition, if our low-grade locks do not adjust their strategies in time, they may lose this market and even gradually withdraw from the stage of competition. After the transition from the traditional wooden door to the anti-theft security door made of steel, it is difficult to open the anti-theft door without tools such as sleds and sticks. Therefore, the industry believes that: anti-theft door lock is the heart of the security door, the quality of the security door mainly depends on the security door lock. However, the reporter's investigation found that in the face of the dazzling security door market, consumers do not know much about the quality standards of security doors. Many people only pay attention to their appearance and steel plates when buying security doors, while ignoring the heart of the security door--Locks. Solid doors, fragile locks, and low-level anti-theft door locks have become an iron fact. So why don't dealers upgrade locks in time and deceive consumers? According to the introduction of technicians in the industry, all anti-theft locks have only one lock cylinder. No matter how strong the door body is and how many Lock points there are, it is controlled by the lock cylinder. As long as the lock cylinder is opened, all Lock points are opened, no matter how strong the steel plate is, no matter how many locking points are, it will become a decoration. The Class A anti-theft lock can be upgraded to Class B anti-theft lock. In addition to requiring manufacturers to have certain scientific and technological innovation power, a large amount of manpower and financial resources must be invested. At the same time, the national mandatory standards clearly stipulate:' For the production of steel door frame steel plate, its thickness should not be less than 2mm. ' The manufacturer only needs to reduce the thickness of the steel plate of each door by 0. 2mm, production cost can be reduced by more than 30%. These reasons are exactly what most manufacturers'Soft rib' , Also restricted the development of high-level anti-theft locks. In addition, most consumers do not understand the lock level itself. On the premise that there is no problem in the sales of Class A locks, manufacturers and dealers will be content with the status quo. In addition, unlocking in previous years has not yet become a career, only a means of livelihood for a few people. Therefore, the national supervision department's anti-technical opening time for anti-security doors'Threshold' The relative requirements are low, but the current anti-technical opening time is not less than 1 minute of A- level anti-theft door lock, has been completely unable to cope with the current'Unlock King'The technical level. In order to reduce the production cost, the locks used for security doors are all produced according to the minimum requirements of the country. If the door lock can be upgraded from the ordinary protection level A to the highest protection level B, it can better protect the safety of consumers' lives and property, but it must meet the testing standards of the national public security department, to upgrade the class a anti-theft lock to the Class B anti-theft lock, the manufacturer will invest a lot of financial resources and manpower. Many manufacturers can't afford it. In addition, there is only one security door factory in Hunan that has the ability to produce ultra-B security locks with the highest protection level and put them on the market, and consumers do not know the level of locks. Therefore, there is still a market for A- level lock, and there is not much problem in sales. Everyone is happy with the status quo. As for the interests of consumers, they can only give up.
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