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Magnetic lock door installation method is what?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-13
Design of magnetic lock and electromagnet, is using the principle of electric raw magnetic, when an electric current passes through the silicon steel sheet, tightly absorb electromagnetic lock will produce a powerful suction adsorption iron plate to achieve the effect of locking the door when you leave. So all of us in the installation of magnetic lock door, is how to install? Magnetic lock door installation method is as follows: 1, magnetic locks, lock and frame a 90 - degree Angle 2, magnetic locks and adsorption board installed on any door, exposed or the hallow, the force should be 'face to face' into a straight line, the suction can reach 100%. 3, magnetic locks should be indoors wire should be hidden if the 'open door' inward, electromagnetic lock need plus LZ or z auxiliary frame, magnetic lock installed on the interior, electrical wiring installation can be hidden inside the door frame to ensure safety. 4, adsorption board can't lock magnetic locks and adsorption between plate if there is a little bit of intermittent, suction is affected. 5, adsorption and electromagnetic lock not align all of us at the time of installation magnetic door lock, can be installed in accordance with the above method, hope I can help to you.
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