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Maintenance of household intelligent door locks?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-18
Family intelligent lock is an important part of smart home, we use can meet our requirements for security and privacy, make security become more intelligent, which makes our life more secure. When we were in the use of smart locks, maintenance is also very important. Let's take a look at home smart door lock maintenance method is as follows: 1, the database should be backup once a month. 2, contact with corrosive substances prohibited panel, prevent the destruction of surface coating. 3, can't use alcohol, gasoline, thinner material or other flammable material, clean or maintain smart door lock body. 4, in use after a period of time, but soft cloth to wipe the fingerprint acquisition window grime, because after years of using time, the surface will have dirt, may affect the normal use. 5, locks in use process, on a regular basis ( Six months or a year) Or in the key when the plug is not smooth, can put into a few graphite powder in slot on lock body or pencil powder to ensure that key inserted smoothly. 6, when there is not flexible rotation or smart door lock can't keep the correct position, to lock in filling oil, namely, please refill professionals will lock parts mechanical lubricating oil. We are all in the maintenance of intelligent lock, can according to the above maintenance methods for maintenance, so can we have our intelligent locks for longer service life.
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