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Make unlocking interesting home staring interactive smart lock sLock3 is more than 'open sesame'

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-18
Today, science and technology are becoming more and more advanced, and the replication technology of biological characteristics such as fingerprints is becoming more and more simple. Electronic door locks such as fingerprint recognition, face recognition and even iris recognition are no longer safe. In this era of door lock reform, intelligent door locks surpassing electronic door locks have been solving two problems: one is how to unlock more conveniently; The second is how to lock it more safely. Recently, sLock3, an interactive smart lock, has emerged from the smart lock industry. A Canadian company intends to order 10 thousand sets at a time. What New Tricks has it played? The picture shows that it doesn't matter if the home-staring interactive smart lock sLock3 forgets to bring the key. The family can remotely unlock sLock3 for you under WIFI and 3G4G network environment, and the mobile phone can remotely authorize (Cancel authorization)Other mobile phones unlock. This is for Ma Daha who often forgets to bring the key'It's an artifact'Don't worry about being locked out. If you have friends coming from afar, and you are not at home, just click on the phone, you can open the door remotely, and even the cleaning aunt who comes several times a week can be treated intelligently, don't than open sesame'Cooler, more fun, more convenient? The short-range realization of automatic unlocking, the real liberation of both hands can be set to shake the lock or automatically unlock, that is, the phone is within a certain distance, sLock3 will automatically open to meet the owner, solve the trouble of not being able to open the door with a heavy object in both hands. Moreover, the home-based interactive smart lock sLock3 has a powerful machine learning function, which automatically identifies indoor and outdoor according to the user's unlocking situation for a period of time, don't worry about automatic unlocking when you are close to the door lock at home. Is it smart enough? If there is an abnormal automatic alarm, will your door lock speak? Do you often go out of the house and suddenly can't remember whether the door is locked or not? It was only after the thief came to the House that he knew. . . . . . Now don't worry, users can check the status of the door lock switch in real time by staring at the mobile phone app, and even the unlocking records of each mobile phone and each smart key can be fed back to the user's mobile phone, you can always know when the elderly at home will go out and whether the children will get home on time. The built-in alarm function automatically prompts the user's mobile phone when the door/lock is abnormal. The user can view the video through the mobile phone, remotely sound the alarm, alarm or notify the security guard, let you really be safe in your hands no matter where you are. With a two-way encryption chip, your key is unique and cannot be copied. The mechanical keyhole design of the interactive smart lock sLock3 makes the master key and the unlocking king useless' Based on the world's first 256-bit two-way dynamic encryption technology, the smart key sKey is unique and cannot be copied, and can be added and deleted at any time on the mobile phone app, A smart key can be authorized to open multiple home-based interactive smart locks without having to worry about managing multiple keys. Low power consumption, 4 No. 5 batteries can be used for more than 18 months. For a long time, the battery life is too short and the battery needs to be replaced frequently. This is one of the main reasons why consumers are unwilling to use intelligent electronic locks. Huashang company independently develops power optimization technology. By optimizing the power distribution system and management algorithm, and adopting low-power Bluetooth technology, it reduces battery energy consumption, prolongs battery life and reduces the number of battery replacements, the 4th 5th battery can be used for more than 18 months. When many electronic door locks are sold at thousands or tens of thousands of sky-high prices in the market, Huashang's home-staring interactive smart locks are being listed at 1/3 to 1/2 of their prices, it opens a door to intelligent life for consumers at an absolute price. Don't you hurry to experience this trend of playing new tricks in the smart lock industry?
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