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Meet your basic requirements when choosing a smart lock

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-29
We buy a smart lock, on the one hand, to meet our own needs, on the other hand, we are also choosing the quality of the lock. A good company often has no less than 5 fingerprint locks ranging from high, medium to low for users to choose from. Users generally choose to use their own products: there are metal doors and wooden doors for entrance doors, and there are user interior doors, wooden doors are common, and they are also used for villa doors. The basic functions usually used are: (1) It can be opened by multiple people with fingerprints (there are usually more than one or two people in a family or office), the product quality should be stable and the performance should be good; (2) The door can be opened according to the authority (it is impossible to let the head of the household and the nanny , Cleaning tools have the same door opening management authority); (3) You can freely add or remove fingerprints for opening the door (the babysitter can easily clear her fingerprints after leaving the job); (4) It is best to have a query record function (you can check the door opening record at any time, Sometimes it can become key evidence, usually with a display screen); (5) Appropriate password function (after all, when the fingerprint part is the electronic part may be broken, the head of the household can use the password to open the door under temporary circumstances), try not to do so when choosing Choose a product that highlights the password function too much. After all, passwords are not as secure as fingerprints. Usually there are 4 keys and 12 keys. Do not use passwords to open the door as much as possible in daily life. (6) You must have a mechanical key. This is a backup way to open the door. Like airplanes and cars, although they have automatic control status, they still retain the manual control part. This is a kind of Safety considerations: any electronic part has the possibility of error. Relatively speaking, the mechanical part is much more stable. Keep the mechanical key of the lock as a backup way to open the door at home. You can open the door in time and facilitate maintenance when there is a problem with the electronic part of the door lock. . Imagine if there is a fire in your home, or a thief damages the electronic part of your door because it didn't pick up the lock, what would you do? Don't covet the so-called psychological security, and turn a blind eye to the kind of door lock without a mechanical key. In fact, when using a fingerprint lock, the most important thing is not to improve security, but to enjoy the convenience of the fingerprint lock. If the security of the fingerprint lock needs to be strengthened, the fingerprint lock can be connected to the smart home system. Some fingerprint lock manufacturers reserve development ports for fingerprint locks. In smart homes, only a simple development of the fingerprint lock is required to monitor the status of the fingerprint lock in real time, thereby improving the security of the fingerprint lock. (7) Choose a good lock core. The quality of the mechanical key lock cylinder is directly related to the pry resistance and stability of your door. This part is also very important. No matter how good the fingerprint lock is, the lock core part is ultimately inseparable. Under normal circumstances, strong fingerprint lock manufacturers will choose high-end lock cylinders, so the product quality will be guaranteed. The most obvious thing is that consumers can look at the number of marbles and the number of shades of the key. Try to choose products with many marbles and shades. The number of deep and shallow grades to the power of the number of marbles is the key quantity of this mechanical key. The larger the key quantity, the better the security. National standards generally require at least Class A locks or higher. Good fingerprint lock manufacturers generally configure super Class B mechanical keys.
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