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Micro business - — The trend of the development of the door lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-16
Door lock industry after more than ten years of development, has become increasingly mature, how can the door lock enterprise against industry reshuffle of the wind and waves, to avoid the end of the eliminated? Locks enterprises are looking for a way out, and some in the study on product structure, some in the transition to seek a way out, no matter what way is worth a try, also need to explore. But as the era of network change quickly, locks enterprise in the network and increasing investment on the construction and management of electronic commerce, this is also the door lock the main stream of the development of industry. At present domestic hot, ING marketing than a small business, network companies listed at home and abroad has reached more than 20, the current is the age of the Internet. Nowadays, the development of the network much faster than we can imagine, the electronic commerce also gradually maturing, each big business vision had to be turned to the mobile phone market, if you had not heard of what is now small business, then you are OUT. In the door industry, the future belongs to truly understand the traditional micro business door lock enterprise, traditional locks enterprises relatively pure micro business industry have the advantages of offline channels, suppliers, logistics, and so on, these are their industry's agriculture income for years. Thus, lock industry enterprises must firmly grasp this advantage, establish and improve their own network channels as soon as possible, like the popular mode of online shopping is now small business, the successful experience locks enterprises can draw lessons from. Now, everybody has a mobile phone, and machine welded, why mobile phones have so big of magic? Now the mobile phone is more and more intelligent, whether you are to pay utilities, or shopping, as long as the move finger can achieve, bring infinite convenience to people's life. And this is a business opportunity, who first captured this opportunity, who will have to the best of the industry, for traditional locks enterprises today, whether to enter the micro business actively, or passive micro, micro business for them is quite unfamiliar territory, at the beginning of the feeling, engaged in business with the energy required for a general e-commerce also far much bigger than the traditional offline channels, complain that tired, is a traditional locks enterprise staff common state of mind. Locks enterprise in to small business startup, often need to invest a lot of resources, Includes platform, the promotion cost, marketing cost, labor cost, etc. ) And for a long time all could not see in return. While traditional locks are used to operating in a way of snowballing, pay attention to money fast into fast right from the start, good also to have certain profit. Instead, micro business this investment not only profit can be hard to rely on traditional concept to attract vc lock enterprise, and often feel a bit not worth. But, as long as the door lock enterprise get rid of the old thought imprison yourself before development, sets up the challenge self determination, as long as you get used to the Internet quickly and efficiently, all kinds of change in response to market, break before the ideological shackles, fully grasp the advantages of the Internet, will be better to make in the lock industry.
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