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Misunderstanding between the indoor door lock in the maintenance

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-10
Myth that exist in the interior door maintenance each item is the use fixed number of year limitation, indoor door lock is not exceptional also, of course, want to extend the service life of door lock, door lock is called for in daily life do some maintenance work, many people did, but the method may have some problems, some people think that must be hard to shut the door closing sealed, in fact it is wrong to do so. Will cause harm to the body. So what's the wrong place indoor door maintenance? Take a look at the indoor door lock factory workers is how to say it.     Locks maintenance error: & emsp;   1, locks can prevent rust turn many times & emsp;   Every time I open or close are need to rotate the lock body, its door lock is turned many times every day, some people think that, if the lock core rotation is not flexible, insert the key into flexible rotation can make the lock lock core, the results are often unsatisfactory. If the lock core rotation is not flexible Suggestions to lock into the ash can be just the right amount of a pencil.     2, slam the door shut and non-transparent & emsp;   Many people worry about when you go out is not sealed shut the door, will slam the door, every time close to hear crashed with a clash, it tightly shut the door? Possible, but do so, the opposite and locks the damage is also nots allow to ignore, crashed with a clash at a time, will harm door frame. Suggestion: after the door is closed, if still don't trust, can push door with the hand a try, if can't open the door, door has been closed.     3, often give keyhole drops of lubricant & emsp;   When locks maintenance also found a now, some users will pour into the keyhole lubricant, let lock more lubrication, do so, for a period of time lock may indeed become more flexible, but in the long run, this approach is more harm than good, because of the lubricant is belong to grease products, easy to suck ash, after a long time will form the dirt attached on the surface of the lock core, affect the use.     4, use detergent to clean lock body & emsp;   Many people found the lock body surface dirt, can use to remove detergent and water, to do so is very big to the harm of lock body. Because: detergent belongs to chemical products, easy to corrosion on the surface of the lock body surface coating, the lock body surface oxidation. Stain can enter the lock body internal, prone to rust, oxidation, after a long time the lock will be crude and not flexible.     Myth that exist in the interior door maintenance to maintain indoor door lock in the usual life are necessary, can greatly extend the cycle locks, indoor home security. If have any questions in respect of door lock, you can feel free to contact us.
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