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'Modern lock industry' User Voice

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-15
2010-01- 23 Source: modern lock industry website Browse: 807 comment: 0 Core tip: Since the establishment and release of modern lock industry, we have received a large number of letters and calls to unanimously support and affirm our work, thank you for the support of the following readers! We will continue to serve the modern lockset industry better. Secretary-General Wu Longxi of the lock repairman branch of the China Security Association wrote an inscription for this newspaper: modern lock industry, industry for locking, everything for the people! Li wensuocheng, Zhang Junyu, sir, think this magazine is very good and applicable, and should add some contents of knowledge, principle and technology exchange of locks; Vice President Zhang Guangpu of Nanjing Taixi Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd. thinks this magazine is good; The manager of Chongqing Keli intelligent lock Co. , Ltd. , Pan Encheng, thinks that the content of this magazine is too little and hopes to be richer in the future; Xi 'an Jinrui unlocking Co. , Ltd. , general manager Wang Boping, thinks that the service provided by this newspaper is very considerate; Director Cheng Hanzhong of Yongkang Hongwei Industry and Trade Co. , Ltd. believes that 'modern lock industry' is very distinctive; Manager Jin Weihong of Shanghai Long March lock factory said that this newspaper is very good and hopes to register more addresses of suppliers of commonly used locks and new locks (Site); Jin Xiongjie, manager of Beijing Wanxin Mingda Technology Co. , Ltd. , said that the publication has been running better and better now; Europe and America Saifu (Beijing) International Building Materials Trading Co. , Ltd. , general manager Liu Lei, 'modern lock industry' as a professional publication in the lock industry, its rich product information, technical exchanges, build a brand-new information platform for manufacturers, distributors and end users! Beijing Anheng Litong Technology Development Co. , Ltd. , engineer Tang Liang, has purchased products through this newspaper and thinks it is relatively satisfactory; Qingdao hailutong hardware lock collection Wang Shuqing 'modern lock industry' is very professional, suitable for the industry, hope to increase the exchange of peers, including technical, sales experience, problem solutions, etc, the classification of advertisements is clearer; Yu Zaifu, general manager of Wenzhou Rixing hardware factory, the column setting is acceptable. If possible, it is suggested to set up again: Column contents such as introduction of new materials, new technology, performance treatment, product inspection, etc; Mudanjiang Sanlian lockset Co. , Ltd. , general manager Li Dongsheng, believes that this magazine is rich in content and the better! And purchased products through this magazine; Manager Zhang Jun of Mianyang Chuangyu Trading Co. , Ltd. thinks that 'modern lock industry' is a very good material; Ron, Guangdong branch of Hongda Group, said that 'modern lock industry' is very professional; Manager Mo Weixin of Xingyi decoration Liuzhou branch thinks this magazine is good, but the manufacturers are too few to work hard; Jiang Yikai, the manager of Gansu Shaxi can unlock Center, thinks that this magazine is very honest. He has described in detail the unlocking details that were previously regarded as mysterious by people, and hopes to make persistent efforts; Guo Fengbin, manager of Yigao unlocking company in Lanzhou city, Gansu province, is a good job in this newspaper. Some pictures should be added and more new products should be presented; The Book of locks in bailemen is very good. Can you introduce more locks of powerful brands; Lanzhou Zhenhua lockset repair service department Li Zhenhua this magazine has a good positioning, and the locksmith-related products should be more comprehensive; Zibo Boshan Huaying lock hardware wholesale department, Xu minchang's prospects are very promising, timely dissemination of lock information, development of lock culture! Li Wen suocheng Chengdu company, Qin Guosong, hopes to strengthen the richness of the output rate, hope to do better! Wang Yuchang's modern lock industry in keyhai lock Wangdian, Chaoyang city, Liaoning province can build a bridge for the production, sales and maintenance services of the lock industry and a platform for information communication; Will be able to develop healthily, with unlimited prospects! The development of 'modern lock industry' by Yang Yonggang of Tianding lock industry in Wuzhou, Guangxi builds an information platform for dealers and manufacturers; Xu Jianxiong's 'modern lock industry' of Shengshan Youfa hardware factory in Cixi city, Zhejiang province has been quite successful. I hope to contact many well-known manufacturers through your magazine! Yang Cun unlocking, 'modern lock industry' has great potential. With the continuous development and progress of the society, your publication is comprehensive and of high quality; Jiangsu Xuzhou Yucheng Electric Power Co. , Ltd. Yan Liang has a good momentum and lacks such publications in the industry; Dongfeng Science and Education Equipment Factory, Nanpi county, Hebei province, pure East, 'modern lock industry' communicates with the market for the benefit of the people! This book is very industry-specific and can help me develop better! Guangzhou Juli lock Industry Co. , Ltd. , chairman of Liu Songlian, the inscription is critical, truth-seeking, trust, and will continue to make money! Ruian Huadeng Hongguang hardware factory Chai Fenggang has more opportunities than challenges. Boshan Hualu lockset hardware wholesale department, Xu Jingchang and 'modern lockindustry' have set up a good platform for our dealers to understand locksets! Shenzhen intercontinental Economic and Trade Development Co. , Ltd. Chen Hansen thanked the 'modern lock industry' for its strong support and achieved good results! I hope that the better the better, the lock lovers and practitioners will benefit more! No lock fear unlocking Service Co. , Ltd. Gao Zhiming locksmith is close to the guidance and service of 'modern lock industry', a highly professional publication! Beijing Guanjing decoration Zhang Min modern lock industry, industry professional publications, help me purchase! Tianjin Shunhe land Real Estate Development Co. , Ltd. Pang Gong is a good professional magazine in the lockset industry. It is hoped that the content will be more abundant and the prospect will be promising! Beijing 0. 3 billion Zhongbao Decoration Engineering Co. , Ltd. Chen total lock industry publications, demand timely rain, very distinctive! Fujian Fuqing Rifu Real Estate Development Co. , Ltd. , Lei Jiacai is very characteristic, very good, the content is very good, the article is also very avant-garde, very in line with the current procurement needs, will definitely do better! Manager Li Baochun of Baocheng hardware firm has done a good job and can let many people know about lock making and manufacturer information; Manager Zhang Baiku, Hongtai building materials city, Langfang city, Hebei province, the 'modern lock industry' office is getting better and better, and its content has increased;
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