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More 'safety locks' are needed for 'emergency unlocking'

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-22
Many citizens have encountered the problem of losing their keys and being unable to open their car locks. But with the booming of lock service industry, this kind of problem has been easily solved. A locksmith can open the unbreakable door lock in a few seconds, which really solves the urgent need of the public. However, at the same time of bringing convenience to the public, there are many cases of stealing on the grounds of unlocking. Recently, the reporter carried on the investigation to Hainan's unlocking industry. The key is locked by the phone inside the door to find the company to unlock. The company will enter the key words on the network and many unlock companies will be displayed immediately. Unlock company, information shows no store name only phone. As agreed, 15 minutes later, a staff member arrived at the scene. After the meeting, the lock company staff first made a query. The reporter said he went out in a hurry and didn't take any documents with him. To the reporter's surprise, the staff of the company didn't insist any more. They took out a tool similar to plastic plate from the tool kit and started to work. Five minutes later, the staff did not open the door. 'The screw is sticking out, no one can cure it.' The Lockman failed to open the door and had to give up and prepare to leave. As for whether his identity belongs to the regular unlocking company, the reporter had doubts, and asked the unlocking personnel face-to-face whether they had the work license? 'I don't have a work license, only this one.' Unlocking personnel indication. Subsequently, the reporter also contacted a so-called regular unlocking company on the unlocking advertisement in the corridor. Ten minutes later, the staff arrived at the scene. The back door was opened in ten seconds. 'Take your key to try. Take your key to verify the information. When you come in, if you can take out the key, it will prove that this is your home. If you can't take it out, you will be served by 110. ' The staff member did not verify the identity information of the reporter and directly opened the door. Although the technology is first-class, but this work flow is so simple but it makes reporters confused! So, is this locksmith a real army? Regular company: before unlocking, you need to show your work license, and after unlocking, you need to register Baidu to find out the company. But how can the reporter confirm that the person who unlocked is the company? Obviously, there are great security risks in such workflow. The owner does not know who opened the lock, and the person who unlocked the lock does not know who is the real owner. So, what is the normal unlocking process like? 'As a qualified locksmith, you must first obtain the qualification certificate, and then you can go to the industrial and commercial office or the industrial and commercial bureau with this certificate to apply for the business license. After you have the qualification certificate and the business license, you can go to the public security department to apply for the work license. Master Huang said: 'there are some basic information on the work license, such as which company you are, your name, and your filing number. Then there are some precautions on the back of it. The most important thing is the supervision telephone of the lock opening industry in the Public Security Bureau. ' If there is a problem with the operation of the unlocking personnel, the customer can find the specific responsible person through the work license. In addition, the public security organ also requires the lock unlocking practitioners to check the valid identity documents and relevant supporting materials of registered customers before unlocking, and those unable to be shown will not be unlocked. Master Huang introduced that there are a few unlicensed unlock companies in Hainan now, usually only a few people, many of them even have no stores. In order to attract customers and deliberately reduce prices, some citizens may look for them if they are greedy for low prices, but if something happens, no one can find them. And regular lock companies require registration information after each service. 'This book is a special one registered when going to the customer's home for door-to-door unlocking service. The customer's information in this book should be recorded when going to the door. Because this thing has certain confidentiality, it can't be shown casually, but it should be carried with you. Every time you open a lock, you should register.' Now the business scope of the lock company is not only limited to house locks, but also involves many projects such as car lock, safe lock, etc. If you don't follow the normal unlocking process, there will be a great potential safety hazard. The self-discipline platform released that the unlocking industry is improving the unlocking industry as a special industry, so it is really necessary to strengthen the supervision, to put an end to the unauthorized unlocking, information verification and registration. It is commendable that as long as Hainan citizens call the unified 0898-66666119 unlocking hotline, there will be regular door-to-door service for unlocking companies, which is convenient, fast and safe.
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