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Mute door lock what brand is good?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-12
Mute door lock, also known as electric control lock, it is a controlled by relay mechanical lock device, has now formed a series of different structure. Mute door lock manufacturers more commonly, so mute door lock brands are what? Mute door ten big brands as follows: 1, fuyu hardware ( Brands, zhongshan city, zhongshan fuyu hardware co. , LTD. , in quality, quantity of sales promotion on the basis of consistently adhere to the 'quality is life, credibility is to ensure that the principle of position. ) 2, three-ring TRI - 圆( Was founded in 1930, the Chinese old, shandong famous brand products, locks leading brand in the domestic large civil metal products group, yantai sanhuan lock group co. , LTD. ) 3, general TONYON ( Founded in 1991, zhejiang saves famous label, locks the design/production/sales for the integration of high-tech enterprises, wenzhou general locks co. , LTD. ) 4, graceful hardware ARCHIE ( Established in 1990, the famous trademarks of guangdong province to architectural decoration hardware product development/production/sales of high-end brand enterprise, guangdong graceful hardware co. , LTD. ) 5, tianyu TENYALE ( Was founded in 1984, zhejiang saves famous label, locks ten big brands, ball lock industry standard drafting units, high-tech enterprises, tianyu industry &trade group co. , LTD. ) 6, neutral ZHONGLI ( Famous trademark of zhejiang province, zhejiang famous brand, high technology and new technology enterprise, lock design/development/production/sales and technical advisory services in a body, the zhejiang neutral group co. , LTD. ) 7, treasure profit ( Zhejiang famous brand products, zhejiang famous brand, China hardware association locks branch director unit, 10 induction lock brand, China treasure profit industrial co. , LTD. ) 8, plum BLOSSOM put ( Zhejiang famous brand products, padlock industry leading brand, padlock industry standard revised units, large lock enterprise group, zhejiang pujiang plum blossom lock group co. , LTD. ) 9, noble mute door lock ( High and new technology enterprise, focusing on door lock hardware field, the famous trademarks of guangdong province, brand-name products in guangdong province, famous mute lock brand, guangdong house lock co. , LTD. ) 10, KEYLOCK digi ( Founded in 1990, the Swedish asaph lai group, one of large-scale fingerprint lock manufacturing enterprises in China, guangdong digi electronic technology co. , LTD. ) Mute door lock brands is more, it is quiet door lock brands, which brands are you choose is allowed, the quality is good, small make up recommend to fuyu hardware order products, quality and service are very good.
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