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Mute lock and magnetic lock which good absorption Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-03-09
Mute lock and magnetic suction lock which good? Mute lock main characteristic is to reduce the noise produced by opening or closing, found in the bedroom, study and other places, mute lock and magnetic suction lock belongs to the inclusion relation, magnetic suction lock belongs to a kind of mute lock, also somebody called magnetic lock absorption magnetic suction mute lock, the common mute lock on the market includes: electric locks, magnetic locks, Magnetic lock) , electric plug locks, etc. So what are the typical features of magnetic suction lock? Fu yu hardware below small make up to sort out the relevant material, hope can help you.     Magnetic lock absorption characteristics: cancelled the lock tongue exposed design, can effectively solve the traditional mechanical locks lock tongue between frame and metal friction generated by noise, the more silent. Used the magnet structure design, close the door, using the characteristics of the magnets opposites attract, the lock tongue automatic adsorption, have played an important role in closed, advantages: reducing noise, safety performance is high. Weakness: the internal structure is more complex, failure is difficult to rule out.     Most common mute lock on the market at present is magnetic suction lock, magnetic lock absorption compared to electric control lock, simpler structure, lower cost, safety performance is higher, more suitable for ordinary families. Choose mute lock, small make up recommend rich yu hardware, with the fifth generation of DFN mute design, 30 decibel quiet open, direct manufacturers, quality assurance two years.
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