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NB- Concept of IoT intelligence door lock, the fire is the fire, or obvious advantages? — — | _nb _nb smart door lock door

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-09
The current program of bluetooth network lock market still occupy the big head, accounted for up to 49. 86%, ZigBee and WiFi, followed by three points more than three-quarters of the market. However, NB - over the last two years IoT, because of the power consumption and connectivity, and other aspects more advantages compared with WiFi, bluetooth, ZigBee scheme, which has attracted many attentions of the industry. NB- Concept of IoT intelligence door lock, the fire is the fire, or obvious advantages? And NB - Compared to IoT smart locks, bluetooth, ZigBee and WiFi lock in the application layer on the surface more or less are flawed. The most typical such as bluetooth smart door lock: bluetooth intelligent lock is difficult to directly connected to the network, can't allow the user to obtain real-time status of smart lock, Wi - if the implementation is connected with the family Fi connection, not only increase the cost of configuration, and the porch place lock in signal blind Angle area; Low cannot achieve real-time news push lock state; Low can't offer visitors or other remote terminal user privilege distributed virtual keys for a set period of time; Low system is relatively independent, and other equipment linkage; Mobile terminal often without login user information, the user management; Several low battery used at the same time, also can only use 3 - 6 months; 'No big data analysis and so on. In the Internet of things co. , LTD. Intelligent hardware technology center zhang li also said: 'compared with several other mainstream solutions, NB - IoT door lock is the biggest advantage of power, because can't meet long-term electricity, WiFi, bluetooth, ZigBee, power consumption is intelligent lock is one of the biggest pain points, and the NB - The greatest benefit of IoT scheme is very low power consumption, three or five years all don't need to change the battery. 'In addition, NB - IoT intelligent lock each other also will continue through the base station and the server data, the user can real-time acquiring a lock any state information, for example, if a low power, such as the user unlock validation fails, will take the initiative to report, alarm lock managers; Even inside the corridor of the basement or closed, the use of signal strength is still high enough. Battery life can be more than double; The cloud server based on base station can protocol connections; APP users need login the system lock is easy to control, and support function such as automatic registration equipment and air upgrade; With the city a net, easy to maintenance and management, separation and property are more likely to address the advantages of the installation.
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