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NB- IoT technology application of smart home, nbiot intelligent locks become Kings

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-09
Intelligent security as part of the smart home, you can think it is independent of the outermost of the smart home, is the most important part of the guardian to strengthen security. In recent years, in family, represented by the 80 generation, intelligent security has rendered popularity trend. Involved in all kinds of cameras, smart locks, all kinds of door magnetic induction and smoke, water level alarm device, make household property security, security, and the old man child care daily life necessary fine products. The current intelligent security products in the family in cameras rely mainly on the cable transmission or using WiFi wireless transmission, in a WiFi router in the family generally is 30 ~ 50 meters completely satisfied application. In smart locks, all kinds of magnetic induction door alarm device can use wireless transmission NB - IoT narrowband Internet connectivity. Application of NB - Iot technology with nb - nb locks intelligent lock IoT technology, will solve for wifi network high power consumption, small coverage, the network unable to connect, can let the door lock is more steady security devices such as linkage, such as camera, infrared detectors, emergency button, build series al home scene. Access to the NB - IoT intelligent lock standby time will be extended from 1 year to 2 years or so, and no gateway or routing, direct operator stations, making networking intelligent lock more security on the network stability and security. NB- Far more than the existing network IoT signal through walls, basement, even a family can be achieved through data transmission 'password'. NB- IoT technology is 100 times higher than traditional mobile communication network connectivity above, that is to say, the same base station can connect more Internet of things intelligent lock device, avoid the drop-off. NB- IoT also intelligent lock brought a lot of function value, such as support for standby time is short, the network connection equipment required high efficient connection, at the same time can provide very comprehensive coverage indoor cellular data connections, and can simplify the complexity of the terminal, reduce the power consumption of the terminal, can be real-time, huge amounts of large capacity for efficient authentication and access control, only the four o 'clock, just meet the demand of intelligent lock. Smart door lock is becoming a household essential intelligent security products. Intelligent lock as intelligent household entry level products, on the basis of the characteristics of the high frequency high viscosity, will further drive the smart cat's eye, intelligent safe, smart cameras, and other intelligent household products sales. From NB - IoT network deployment architecture, vertical industry applications will tend to be more simple, the division of labor is more clear, intelligent lock will become a IoT of vertical industry to be bestowed favor on newly. Although the NB - nbiot technology is now facing the problem IoT technology has good application in intelligent household products, but considering the NB - IoT technology may charge in traffic and the connection points, application in the field of smart home, from the business model, connecting method and worth discussing. First is pricing model, for home users, for each connection of equipment to collect fees, family user acceptance is not high; Another NB - IoT device battery life of 10 years is based on the long time to sleep, wake up once a day, operating on the basis of a. And intelligent household equipment operating frequently, such as sensors, be considered for battery life; The last is the NB - IoT equipment operation delay, communication between equipment, all need to pass on the base station remote operation system, operation time delay, so intelligent household requires experience excellent cases, NB - There are still some shortcomings IoT devices.
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