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NB- Lock the advantage to get incisively and vividly | IoT intelligence

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-09
NB- IoT be born smart home, but the whole intelligent hardware of the system has so much, why smart bear the brunt of the lock? NB- IoT of advantage to get incisively and vividly: 1, direct telecom base station, signal stability, never drops; 2, don't need the gateway and reduce the hardware cost, reduces the installation and maintenance costs, reduced cost of education users; 3, ultra-low power consumption; 4, don't need an external network, suitable for use in the absence of network in rural and remote areas; 5, the lock information monitoring at any time, real-time duress alarm. NB - bluetooth smart lock IoT intelligent lock has many defects: 1, bluetooth smart lock is difficult to directly connected to the network, can't allow the user to obtain real-time status of smart lock, Wi - if the implementation is connected with the family Fi connection, not only increase the cost of configuration, and the porch place lock in signal blind Angle area; 2, unable to realize real-time news push lock state; 3, can't remote send visitors of dispute or other end user permissions virtual keys for a set period of time; 4, the system is relatively independent, and other equipment linkage; 5, mobile phone client need login user information, the user management; 6, a few batteries used at the same time, also can only use 3 - 6 months; 7, no big data analysis and so on. NB- IoT intelligent lock each other by base station and the server data, the user can real-time acquiring a lock any state information, for example, if a low power, such as the user unlock validation fails, will take the initiative to report, alarm lock managers; Even inside the corridor of the basement or closed, the use of signal strength is still high; Battery life can be more than double; The cloud server based on base station can protocol connections; APP users need login the system lock is easy to control, and support function such as automatic registration equipment and air upgrade; With the city a net, easy to maintenance and management, separation and property are more likely to address the advantages of the installation. Mainstream wireless short board, there is no unify river's lake. The wireless communication technology, complicated NB - The birth of IoT broke the pattern of Internet communication protocol is a good supplement to the current equipment access technology. Although other wireless communication technology is still moving ability, short transmission distance, a signal blind area, intelligent networking hardware difficulty and high cost of defects, but NB - IoT can't completely replace the other wireless communication technology, unify the Internet of things has not been formed. NB- The charm of IoT: safety of Kings. The first hurdle 'family' of the security is very important, family locks involves privacy and security, consumers easily. Security, for each family, meaning deep, it is linked to the family of every one of us. Safety is a responsibility, an attitude, a kind of mission, a duty. All the locks in the world 'prevent gentleman not only to prevent', the security of smart lock, is to rely on lock the main part of the 'machinery safety' and the control part of 'digital safety'. At present commonly used household intelligent lock lock B and C, so the mechanical safety performance is very high, but because of the performance of the wireless communication protocol, usually have flaws in the aspect of 'digital safety', giving hi-tech criminals. BLE and compared Wi - 方济各会国际、铌- IoT intelligent lock without gateway or routing, perception layer node can communicate directly with the base station in the community by data direct cellular network, so as to avoid the potential in the process of network routing security, NB - IoT perception layer nodes and the identity authentication of base station inside the village is a 'two-way', namely the base station to a NB - IoT perception nodes access authentication, NB - IoT node for verification of the current cell, prevent security threats posed by 'pseudo base station'. Above the end-to-end authentication and key agreement mechanism, for NB - IoT of provide the protection of the confidentiality and integrity of data transmission, also can effectively the legitimacy of the authentication messages at the same time, compared with other wireless communication protocol, overall improve a grade on the safety performance. Innovation is the enterprise core competitiveness of the eternal vitality. To establish the industry benchmark, skynet NB - of the Internet IoT smart locks and power-and-power union, China telecom and China mobile booster NB - IoT intelligent lock floor development in NB - IoT IoT whole house home project overall layout of the commercial wisdom. Skynet NB - of the Internet IoT intelligence/GSM remote lock, lock has bluetooth BLE close the lock. In addition, intelligent lock base station communication directly with the telecom operators, are extremely hard to crack, security is far more than the traditional gateway connected to the intelligent lock. HTTPS encryption between the user and site interactive access, anti hijacking, tamper-proof, prevent to monitor interface communication encryption, using the RSA asymmetric encryption, even if intercepted communications data also can't crack. Bluetooth USES AES encryption to ensure data confidentiality, unable to intercept and decode.
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