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NB smart lock achievement everything connected the new breakthrough

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-09
NB - as the three major operators IoT network coverage is increasingly perfect, marking all Internet will have a new breakthrough, more devices will be implemented through wide-area network data transmission and connection. Intelligent lock, as the entrance of the smart home products are no exception. Intelligent lock is also by bluetooth, WIFI technology, Zigbee technology transition to NB - IoT technology. System topology skynet interconnected system intelligent door lock system mainly consists of application layer, network layer, layer perception. Application layer is management platform, real-time control locks, can pass the APP, WeChat small programs, WEB page remote control door lock, realize the management of door lock, effective guarantee personal property safety, improve the residential security. The network layer through the NB - IoT technology for data transmission; Perception layer is mainly composed of intelligent door lock device, specific system architecture as shown in the figure below: terminal intelligence door lock system hardware device for an electronic door lock, can realize fingerprint, password, credit card, such as mechanical keys, APP, provide remote authorization lock, open records report ( Can identify the user ID, the lock way, time) , key lock to remind, pry remind, try open password reminder, violence, and other functions. Suitable for security door, wooden door, the conventional 45 - 55 mm door; Power supply for 4 to 8 section 5, battery, the service life of the normal 1 to 2 years. The characteristics of traditional electronic door lock system including Wi - there are three kinds of networking way Fi, bluetooth and ZigBee, but has certain technical defects lead to high cost, lower reliability of network, and complex distribution network, security is not high, specific weaknesses see table: industry disadvantage when other solutions products Fi poor safety big easy to be cracked power bluetooth wireless interference NFC unable to remote operation to match each use ZigBee NFC, need gateway 2. 4 g band, dropped the NB - easily IoT solutions after basically have a combination of low power consumption, high reliability, low cost, strong security features. Applicable scenario intelligence door lock system application scenario for the press to the market of different can be divided into two categories, 2 c and 2 b. 2 c market including electric business platform, building materials markets, stores, etc. , mainly for individual consumers. Smart door lock as the entry of the household life, besides with the systematic security products security system, and other household products, such as indoor lighting systems, indoor entertainment systems, indoor air monitoring system, indoor home appliance system have extensive ties, such as smart locks can more access to the household life scenes. 2 b market including hotel apartment, developers, government agencies, home, office, etc. NB smart door lock system can provide housing management solutions, through asset management systems, business intelligence door lock system for data linkage and the Internet. Can effective management of housing resources on one hand, on the other hand, for apartment, hotel, through the use of smart locks the liberation of human, improve the work efficiency and implement digital building management. At the same time, intelligent door locks and other security products will realize data linkage between security from passive to develop in the direction of early warning, in terms of area, city public security, intelligent door locks will play a more important role. Customer group customer groups: hotel apartment, the owner of the home stay facility; Office buildings, public housing developers, property management; Government organs, enterprises and institutions. Market size of China's smart door lock market penetration is less than 3%, compared with European and American market is 50%, Japan and South Korea market is 80%, China has more than 400 million households, together with an annual increase of housing, has huge potential. Domestic intelligent lock sold 4 million units in 2016, growth of 50%, analysys forecast in 2019 reached 32 million sets. At the same time can be divided into two parts, the whole domestic market 60% market share for the 2 c, 40% market share for 2 b.
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