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NBIoT smart door lock has become a necessary hotel hardware products

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-09
The continuous development of science and technology, more and more products are intelligent, lock industry has entered the era of intelligent, under the traditional locks and intelligent technology combining shenzhen skynet interconnection technology offer hotel smart door lock, and more convenient way to stay in a hotel guest and higher safety defence. Today, many people will carry tablets, smart phones, and other valuables. The convenience and safety of customers for hotel rooms, demand is higher and higher. The media have been described wisdom hotel: 'you go quietly and as you come quietly, wave, don't even need to see the front desk. 'For the hotel industry, there are a lot of people in the mobile Internet connection and service, the hotel consumption O2O mode through WeChat reservation, APP booking has realized the closed-loop ground. WeChat APP to open locks are realized, and equipment of intelligent conversation. Imagine: when the guest through the hotel online platform of reservation and pay fees, hotel administrator can through the online platform audit guests at the hotel information and confirm the payment, at the same time, the hotel will send reservation guest mobile phone number on successful reservation number and arrival time of unlock password, WeChat and App permissions. The guest walked to the front of the room can be received by the password or bluetooth mobile phones close connection locks lock operation. The user experience, actually has been used in the hotel market. High-tech smart door locks, has become a indispensable hotel hardware products. From the traditional front desk reservation check-in into a self-help book through the network; From the traditional to the tedious check-in formalities at the front desk to reservation required success only by text messages of the unlock password. A series of change and innovation is to promote the rapid development of hotel industry. Hotel using smart door lock can not only improve the user experience, but also can save operation of the hotel itself unnecessary labor costs. Before each floor personnel arrangements must be considered when the waiter cleaning have to arrange a person to open the door, put on smart hotel door lock, can reduce 1 - at least every floor 2 the waiter. Calculated at RMB 1000 / person, can save the cost of more than 12000 yuan a year. At the same time, when the guest check-in time expires, the door immediately unable to open, avoid guests stay, especially the long-staying guests rent in arrears. The application of the Internet of the Internet in the hotel management system more from meet consumers at the facilitation of experience. Now, a lot of good hotel abroad in an Internet construction, domestic hotel also has to the trend of the development of the intelligent.
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