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Necklace intelligent Silent Alarm sensor, Ladies intelligent security artifact

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-18
Sensor products have now become a popular category in wearable devices, and AllBe1, which is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, it is an all-round personal security guard that looks like a capsule tablet and integrates many functions. Including infrared alarm, Tracker, Silent Alarm alarm, mobile monitoring, fitness tracking, intelligent button, detector, mobile phone intelligent lock and other functions, can be realized on allbe1. The all-round alarm sensor hanging around the neck costs only 300 yuan. AllBe1 carries various sensors and can sense and monitor almost everything. It is an open platform like a smart phone, developers can create unlimited applications for users on allbe1. Using AllBe1 requires linking to the smartphone through a matching application and setting up various functions you need. In addition, allbe1's program is open source, so developers have the opportunity to use AllBe1 in any program and method. AllBe1 can be said to be a perfect guardian. With its full body sensors and advanced infrared technology, you, your family, finances, etc. , it can be well protected. For example, do you want to know if your child is still playing in the front yard? AllBe1 can be used as a distance tracker. Do you always don't know where you put your notebook? AllBe1 can accurately indicate where it is located. When someone opens a door, window or drawer, it will remind you. It can also calculate your steps, record the distance, and even detect the ultraviolet index in the area. It will remind you if you need vitamin D. In terms of detecting physical health data, you can calculate the number of steps, walking distance and calories like a normal smart bracelet, and then analyze the data through the mobile phone application to obtain personal physical parameters. In addition, there is GPS positioning function, which can be monitored even when the body needs sunlight or the sunlight is too strong. The all-round alarm sensor hanging around the neck costs only 300 yuan. AllBe1 is the security guard for many children. Put it in the child's pocket or on the clothes to detect the child's every move in real time, once the children leave the safe area you set up' AllBe1 will send an alarm directly to your mobile phone. In addition, AllBe1 also has the function of monitoring the room temperature. If it is too cold or too hot, it will remind you immediately. In addition, AllBe1 is sufficient for outdoor use. It is compatible with Android and iOS applications and has built-in Bluetooth 4. 0 technology. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can last up to 2 months at a time. In addition, it also has a series of optional accessories to use, including clips, bracelets, bases, magnets and a necklace, so that you can have more ways to use AllBe1, and control when to use allbe1. The all-round alarm sensor hanging around the neck costs only 300 yuan. Currently, AllBe1 is available in black, white, yellow and orange. The crowdfunding price on Indiegogo is 49 US dollars (About RMB 304) If all goes well, it is expected to be officially shipped in December 2015.
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