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Why noble mute fingerprint door lock is so different?

by:FUYU lock     2020-04-21

We build all door lock, more precise every lock, are based on the same idea. That is, to build a worthy collection of lock, is not a simple pile of beauty, but from the sensitive insight into human nature and the market. Noble product - — Mute EZ0606 fingerprint door lock, why is so different? Security: family safety first line of defense to refuse more false fingerprints, true living fingerprint identification. Capacitive touch keys, waterproof and dustproof; The password input with the function of anti snapshot of imaginary. More convenient, cutting-edge technology, within easy reach of ultra-thin fingerprint module, 0. 8 seconds speed to open the door. More fashion: beautiful don't want to top senior designer of original design, panel thin 24 mm. More quiet, quiet, no patents mute electronic anti-theft lock body, 10 mute technology innovation, and noise reduction of 60%. │ living fingerprint identification │ │ 0. 8 seconds fingerprint open │ │ 24 mm thin panel │ thinking, thinking, just to give you a better experience. Noble product - Mute EZ0606 fingerprint door lock, September shock listed, please look!                                

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