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New year's family security

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-02
Open the door carefully for strangers When someone calls for a door, observe from the cat's eye first. Don't rush to open the door when you see a stranger. You can ask for his identity and purpose through the security door. Avoid strangers who call themselves salesmen's meter readers or family and friends to enter the house. Try to arrange on-site service and maintenance on public holidays, with many people at home. Strangers should politely refuse to use the home phone. 2. Except that the door lock shall be equipped with a safety lock, a concealed bolt can be installed at the upper and lower ends of the door. Before going to bed, the concealed bolt shall be inserted. If the door lock is finally pried open, and there is a concealed bolt to block it, the thief still can't enter. It is the key to prevent the burglars from using the soft insert to remove the lock tongue from the door seam without installing the security door. Nail an iron nail on the door frame outside the locking tongue, and the reserved part protrudes, and the length of the exposed wood part of the iron nail just makes up the gap between the wooden door and the door frame. In this way, when the sheet material is inserted, it first meets the barrier of iron nail. This small device not only does not affect the normal use of the door lock, but also can effectively prevent the sheet material from being inserted, which is difficult for the thief. 4 slope wooden pillow can prevent thieves from entering the house only with the old people. In order to prevent the bad people from breaking open the lock and stealing, the old people can hold a triangle slope wooden pillow against the door of the house, which is low-cost, simple and easy, but it is difficult for thieves to succeed. Especially when there are old people or children at home alone, it is a good way to prevent. 5 anti theft door purchase Trilogy: the thickness of the steel plate of the anti-theft door frame shall be more than 2mm, the thickness of the door body shall be more than 20mm, the anti-theft lock must be qualified by the public security department, and reinforced steel plate shall be installed around the lock body. Second touch: the appearance of anti-theft door shall be baking paint or spray paint, with delicate and bright hand feeling, high overall weight and strength, generally more than 40 kg. Third, check: see if there is a safety inspection certificate issued by the public security department. 6 do not close the door when the air conditioner is turned on. In summer, most families sleep in the air-conditioned room. In order to save electricity, the door of the room will be closed tightly, which is likely to be used by thieves and enter the room without air conditioner to steal. Therefore, try not to close the door of the air-conditioned room or leave a gap so as to hear the movement of other rooms. If possible, alarm device shall be set in other rooms, and alarm bell shall be set in air-conditioned room. Set up a mechanism behind the door & quot; before going to bed at night, you can put a large wooden board or empty wine bottle and other items that are easy to make noise behind the door. When the thief Prys the door into the room, it will make a huge noise, wake up the residents and scare away the thief. 8. Skillfully install the angle iron of the door frame to fix a piece of angle iron on the door frame with screws, which can not only prevent the inserting piece, but also prevent the door from being kicked and collided, and can also connect the angle iron with the alarm. As long as any object is inserted, it will make a sound, which is simple, easy and effective. 9. The thief usually uses a crowbar to crack the welding spot of an iron bar of the gangway window, pull open the iron bar and turn the window into the room to steal. If the existing small window is rebuilt, a flat iron is used to reinforce the original iron bar weld scar, and every point is welded firmly and connected into a whole. If it can't be broken individually, the thief will have no space to ride, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-theft. A thief who cleverly uses curtains will often judge whether someone is at home through the curtains, and then steal at home. When going to work or going out, it is not safe to seal all curtains tightly. You can choose the invisible part of the living room or bedroom, such as the window of the aisle kitchen without drawing the curtain, or the curtain of the living room and bedroom with a slit, and use the desk lamp and other things to block the vision, so that the thief thinks there is someone in the home, and dare not act rashly.
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