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Nine thieves have been running in Haikou for a long time

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-06
Suspect Jiang Maoling is at the scene of the crime (photo provided by Haikou police) suspect Chen Maojian suspect Jiang Maohui, Haikou,, Dec. 1 (reporter of, Gaopeng correspondent, Zhu Lei Chen Feng) on December 1, reporter learned from Haikou public security bureau that in the evening of November 29, the criminal police detachment of the Bureau beat down a Danzhou burglary gang who had been running in Haikou and surrounding cities and counties for a long time, arrested 9 suspects, seized a batch of stolen high-end hand machine watches, laptops, gold, silver jewelry, antiques and crime tools, and cracked them in Haikou and Sanya There are 63 cases of theft in other places. It is understood that after Haikou police deployed to carry out the 'thunder' action and the 'small case breaking' competition, the criminal police branch of Haikou Public Security Bureau quickly implemented it, organized a competent police force to focus on the special investigation of a series of fugitive Gang burglary cases, and mobilized the masses to report criminal clues in all parts of the city; according to the reports of the masses and careful investigation, it was found that there were burglaries Jiang Yuling, a 25-year-old man from Danzhou, a criminal record thief, was suspected of stealing many times in Haikou, and immediately arranged six teams and seven teams of police to continue to follow the line. After investigation, the police found that Jiang did not commit the crime alone, and there were 89 criminal suspects who had colluded with him and lived in the area of Nanbao Road, Meilan District, Haikou City. On the evening of November 29, after mastering the above situation, the criminal police branch of Haikou Public Security Bureau organized a unified arrest operation quickly after careful deployment, destroying the burglary gang in one fell swoop, capturing 9 Danzhou criminal suspects including Jiang, Jiang, Jiang, Hui, Chen, Jian, etc., seizing a batch of stolen high-end mobile phones, watches, laptops, gold and silver jewelry antiques and crime tools, and breaking the case There were 63 burglaries in the dormitory building of the third people's Hospital of Haikou, Jianguo Road, Qiongshan District, Haikou City, south Zhongshan Road, Xingda apartment; Haigang Road, Haigang Road, Xiuying District, Hainan harbor harbor West community; Jinfu apartment, Pobo village, Shenxin international building, Weilan Tiancheng community, Jinmao West Road, Longhua District; Heping commercial building, Heping square, Meilan District. According to the police in charge of the case, the 9 suspects of the gang are all Danzhou citizens, all of whom have criminal record of burglary, forming a criminal gang. The gang has long fled to Haikou and surrounding cities and counties to commit crimes. They often choose residential areas with poor sense of security and prevention and inadequate measures of civil air defense. The gang, in the way of crouching and following, enters the house to steal by means of 'master key' and card unlocking every noon or afternoon when it is determined that the owner's home is empty. They never commit crimes in the same residential area repeatedly. The gang members rent separately It has a strong anti investigation ability. For this reason, the police made a careful deployment and carried out the arrest operation in a centralized way. Due to the effective measures, the gang was completely wiped out without any missing members. At present, 9 suspects of burglary have been detained by Haikou police according to law, and the case is under further investigation.
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