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No keyhole full intelligent remote control security door automatic alarm in case of fire

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-01
It seems that the security door is not locked, but the person who wants to open the door is really a bit helpless, but the owner can open it with the remote control standing away. Even if you lose the remote control, a phone can be done. There are many such high-tech equipment in the National Exhibition Center, which makes many citizens feast their eyes. The unlocked remote control door attracted citizens and entered the National Exhibition Center. Planes were flying overhead, large fire tanks were parked on the road, and the ladder of the ladder car was towering into the clouds. These high-tech equipment attracted many people. Several unlocked doors over there aroused everyone's curiosity. 'This is why the door is not locked, how to open it? 'Several citizens questioned. At this moment, the door suddenly opened, but no one came forward to open the door. It turned out that this was opened by the staff with the remote control. Staff said: 'This is' all-intelligent remote control security door' without keyholes, and it will automatically alarm in case of fire and gas leakage. 'A middle-aged man smiled and said,' What if I lose the remote control? '' The high-tech of this door is also high here. It can be connected to the landline at home. After the owner sets the password, no matter where the person is, as long as the landline can be dialed to enter the password door, it can be opened. 'Hearing this, many citizens are full of praise for this door worth 4000 yuan to 10000 yuan. Anti-terrorism equipment has also appeared. In the exhibition hall, the anti-terrorism equipment '3G multi-function video surveillance equipment' used by the police has also been put out. It is about the same size as a laptop, the terminal can be placed on the car, and the camera can be absorbed anywhere, and the direction can be adjusted. This equipment can enable people indoors or in cars to clearly understand what happened at the scene of the accident and transmit it to any place in the country through 3G network, low cost solves the problem of mobile command of public security system. 'Come here to see the harvest of high-tech products is really not small, making people feel the development of the times and the progress of society. I hope Xi 'an can hold more such expositions. 'A citizen told reporters. It is understood that the international community public safety products and Police Anti-Terrorism Technology and Equipment Expo will be free to visit before 24th day of this month.
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