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Noble mute door lock, door lock mute more comfortable

by:FUYU lock     2020-04-15
As people living standard enhancement, noise pollution is becoming more and more get the attention of the people. The study found that generally up to 50 decibels noise, will affect people's normal rest; At 60 - 70 decibels, can damage nerves; When noise reached 70 - 90 decibels, will direct damage people's nerve cells. And ordinary door closing noise loudness is in commonly 70 decibels, this sudden noise not only affects the normal rest of people, will also bring harm to people's body and mind. Mute door lock is more and more popular in recent years, the house as a leader of mute door lock, but also by numerous consumers trust, become the family to sleep 'patron saint'! A few inventory, below small make up for everybody house mute door lock products, come to your home in a quiet environment that occupy the home! Indoor mute door lock - Series of Vienna at first glance, let a person enchanted more than series of Vienna. Five mute an application for a patent for invention, the blessing lock body within 10 heavy mute technology processing, noise reduction 60% than traditional door lock, real quiet open close, caress your family's sleep. More famous Vienna style design, restoring ancient ways collocation of red wood door, enjoy quiet time; Environmental protection process of the lacquer that bake, exceed national standard 12 times salt fog test, use more comfortable for a long time. Mute magnetic locks - Aircraft series fashion contracted by the contemporary young people more and more love, clean lines smooth and natural, ridge and irregular surface, cut bevel cutting design, agile in style. Cool design, reveal the majestic demeanor. Supplemented delicate hidden lock tongue, beautiful and durable, won't scratch his clothes, and not easy to the children that touch an injury. Original quadrupole magnets push-pull patent technology, effectively reduce the noise produced by the collision and friction. Magnetic door lock switch, doors open more quiet, need not worry completely upset his family. Mute collectors - Medici series complex texture structure and line goes on, the three-dimensional combination of heavy and complicated and dense tonal layout, are the Medici family glossy luxuries perfect embodiment; The precious HPB59 - in an all-round way 1 brass material, plus a luxury set auger technology, high quality of life. Mute an application for a patent for invention 5, than ordinary locks to fall 60%, is to rank the best pursuit of life. Life, to have level to more tasteful. Indoor quiet fingerprint lock - Polaris series industry the first indoor indoor quiet fingerprint lock, fission is always a bright. Vault fingerprint sensor, completely solve the fingerprint cloning, it is difficult to identify fingerprint phenomenon such as children, the elderly; His hands completely accord with human body engineering design, a hold open the door, province open three steps; Quiet magnetic lock body, the original four magnetic suction push-pull invention patent, reduce the impact noise 60%, door leaf switch more quiet; Same configuration adjustable buckle box design, extreme noise reduction mute. The north star, the brightest in the night sky to guide home quiet sleep. Today, the house has been far ahead for ten consecutive years the national sales, China every 10 seconds will sell the Fuyu Hardware, help more than 10 million homes to create a more comfortable quiet life. So far, 58 house for mute invention patents, which have been approved 31 mute invention patents, two into Europe and the United States to apply for, leading global lock mute technology. Led industry since 2012, the first category since launch mute door lock, continuously forge ahead, determined to provide consumers with higher quality, better mute experience locks, world-class brands to create mute door lock, become synonymous with 'mute door lock'. Struggle out of you, the night home for fear of waking the baby blue blood damping mute mute door lock using patent technology open closed noise reduction 60% cumulative solution locks, ten million family troubles to mute, Fuyu Hardware
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