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Not only to keep out the danger, but also to be able to understand the movement in and out of the house in real time

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-13
On the afternoon of November 18th, Yu Minhong, the founder of New Oriental, made a speech in a public speech that 'the degeneration of the whole country is caused by the degeneration of women'. As soon as this remark came out, public opinion was in an uproar. In this speech, in order to prove that the change in the direction of education lies in the change in the evaluation mechanism, he gave an example of the influence of women on men. His original words were: 'If the standard for all Chinese girls to find a man is that this man must be able to memorize Tang poetry and Song Ci, then all men in China will memorize Tang poetry and Song Ci so thoroughly; if all girls say that Chinese men want to He makes money. As for whether he has a good conscience or not, I don’t care. Then all Chinese men will become men with bad conscience, but make a lot of money. This is the standard for Chinese girls to choose men.” Then, Yu Minhong said, “So, In fact, whether a country is good or not, we often say that in women, this is the reason. Now China is the cause of the degeneration of the entire country because of the degeneration of women.' The prejudice against women in speech has not only been bombarded by netizens, even Guangming Daily has criticized it. For Yu Minhong's remarks, speak out bluntly and cherish the influence of your own words. Coincidentally, a cover drama that shows the contradiction between men and women in the modern era, 'The Illustrated Book of the Scumbag of the HeavensThe cover of 'The Illustrated Book of Scumbags' is the classic song 'Prison Tango' from 'Chicago'. It is the confession of six suspected murderers in the Women’s Prison in Cook County. According to the original plot, except for one of the Eastern European immigrants who can’t speak English, who is truly innocent, the other five prisoners were killed because of this. Husbands (or boyfriends) went to jail, and they killed people for various reasons, including the inability to bear the husband chewing gum, the husband being a Mormon to conceal the marriage history, and being irritated by the husband’s jealousy and derailment, etc.-although the lyrics sang ' They deserve it.' But in fact, these so-called 'scumbags' are not guilty of death. Compared with 'Prison TangoThe difference in plot severity between the first story 'Hutong' and several other stories is one of the bugs of this work. The “Hutong” section talks about the husband’s philatelic mentality when making friends with his girlfriend. There is a small book hidden in the house, which contains the 'bed reviews' of your predecessors. They are coded by the name of a hutong, and the code of 'self' on the book. It is a 'dead end'. The tone of this confession is relatively relaxed and joking, and it is the one that most closely matches the style of the original. However, the style of painting in the next few paragraphs changed, and the crimes of the 'scumbag' quickly escalated from stalking, long-term domestic violence, child abuse, etc. When creating these stories, the lyricist seemed to refer to and insinuate some sensationalisms. Social News. Of course, as a secondary creation, cover singing does not necessarily have to follow the original style and intentions, but the problem is that the “indiscretion” or “insufficient respect” in the intimate relationship is regarded as a “scumbag” with some serious criminal offenses. Is it appropriate to compare the names of ''? In other words, using an extreme way of individual revenge to solve structural gender issues-including boy preferences, gender crimes, etc.-even if it provides a moment of refreshment, it simplifies the problem and also reduces the possibility of collective action in reality. Sex turned into collective lust on social networks. Its 'danger' is not so-called 'provoking gender hatred and instigating crime'—in fact, hatred and anger have existed for a long time—but in the “virtual climax” it creates, instead of inciting, but instead. It further paralyzes women in reality, allowing them to continue their peaceful life after reposting and liking. When cheating and derailment became the original sin of modern family fragmentation, guarding the entrance and exit of the home became the last firewall for family security. Fuyu Smart Lock adds the function of opening the door to take pictures, wide-angle shooting, no matter which angle you open the door, it will be recorded and sent for you in time, allowing you to know the opening and closing of the door anytime, anywhere. In addition, Fuyu Smart Lock has made great efforts in security. Fuyu smart locks all use the highest level of safety in the industry C-level real mortise lock cylinder, anti-technical unlocking time of up to 270 minutes, making criminals 'want to lock and sigh.' Moreover, in case the door lock is picked, the door lock sliding cover is opened, the password is entered incorrectly 5 times, etc., the Fuyu smart lock will immediately send out an on-site high-pitched alarm, and remind the user of the door lock abnormality through the mobile phone, so as to deal with it in time . Fuyu smart door lock also has an anti-stay capture function. As long as there is an unknown person in front of your home for more than 30 seconds, the door lock will automatically take a photo and upload it to the mobile phone to remind the home administrator. There is also an anti-cat eye unlocking function and a security level such as duress fingerprints. High security measures.
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