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Office door selection method - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-26
Want to buy office room door lock, choose good quality, of course, after all the office as a public space, people, every room door lock switch times. So how to choose the good quality office room door lock? To find a good manufacturer production, of course, you think, how office room door lock quality is decided, was designed by factory workers assembled, so I want to buy a good office room door lock, to choose a good manufacturer to supply.     So the question again, how to find good office room door lock factory? Small make up investigated many buyers, often referred to as being an office room door lock is called the rich yu hardware manufacturers, the small make up to ask the office room door lock is very good, how about the quality, the answer is consistent, basically all say very good, basic won't be a problem, use a few years is the emergence of fault don't worry, the office door with 2 years warranty, the manufacturer is responsible for after sales.     Office door selection method, can consider to try rich yu hardware, manufacturer address in zhejiang province, has more than 300 employees, research and development staff of 21 people, production office room door lock of the hundreds of thousands of each month, with strength and ability.
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