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On the importance of lock quality

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-28
More and more, the lock era is different from the past, so blind and confused, many lock industry professionals are very concerned about their own lock industry, thousands of unlock enterprises in the country are often extraordinary, colorful. We believe that: because of this, lock experts are constantly striving to develop locks with more artistic color and more perfect functions, and repair and develop the existing deficiencies. Usually, the door locks are mainly multi-mode locks. If they are indoor, you can choose single tongue or double tongue locks. In addition, usually the lock cylinder has been used for a long time, and it is easy to leave an oxygen layer on the surface, which will lead to unsmooth inserting of the key. In this case, apply some lubricating oil, graphite powder or pencil powder inside to help eliminate the oxide layer, so as to achieve smooth unlocking and inserting of the lock. In the low-end market, because the lock belongs to the labor-intensive enterprise, the degree of specialized production is not high, the entry threshold of the industry is low, and the competition of low-price lock is increasingly fierce. When there are such cases as rising cost of raw materials and multi-party bidding, manufacturers often cut corners on production and materials, which is easy to cause disputes such as rejection of goods return and payment, leading to loss of customers. To further improve the quality of locks. Quality is the life of the enterprise and the final proof of whether the products can stabilize the trial production. As the lock industry is a labor-intensive industry, the entry threshold is low, and the degree of specialization is not high. The lock products are mainly produced in the middle and low grades. The production equipment is basically 'earth cannon on the wall' plus manual assembly, which makes the lock always contaminated with quality cancer. However, with the rising price of raw materials and the increase of labor cost, the competition of domestic low-end lock products has already become white hot. In the face of this, if the lock industry wants not to be abandoned by the market in the future competition, the quality of products is crucial.
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