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Once a lively smart home, why is it a bit 'quiet' this year '?

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-27
As the scene with the longest usage time and the highest frequency, the family has natural advantages in the application of artificial intelligence, so it has also become the first entrance for artificial intelligence competition. Many enterprises have begun to exert their power. Therefore, the family has become the hottest application market of AI Artificial Intelligence at present. No matter computer manufacturers, home appliance manufacturers or even internet application manufacturers have devoted themselves to AI technology and product research and development. In the home appliance market, there are many kinds of artificial intelligence products, such as intelligent speakers, intelligent televisions, intelligent air conditioners, sweeping robots, intelligent robots, etc, there are even smart sockets, smart table lamps, smart door locks and other products. However, what is embarrassing is that so far, there has not been a truly subversive product, most of which stays in surface intelligence or one-sided intelligence. Therefore, smart home is a bit quiet this year. In addition to some new models, there is a small wave, and other lack of explosion points. On the whole, smart home still needs to be improved, the degree of integration between online and offline is not high enough, and the experience needs to be improved. Therefore, smart home still has a long way to go. Judging from the big industry trend, the prospect of smart home does not need to be described in detail, but the current situation and pain points of the industry also need to be overcome. Referring to the development process of other emerging industries, this paper makes a brief analysis of the smart home market from the following dimensions. Smart home has no soul' If you don't live, compared with the smart home products on the market, you will find that almost all smart home products are not supported by big data and smart learning systems. Because of this, there is no obvious boundary between Intelligent Router and traditional router; The difference between intelligent air conditioner and traditional air conditioner is nothing more than internet access; The difference between a smart refrigerator and a traditional refrigerator is nothing more than a remote control function controlled by a mobile phone. . . . . . In the future, if smart homes want to have wisdom and life like people, smart home entrepreneurship must inject big data and smart learning systems into smart homes. In the Internet era, routers have almost become indispensable devices in people's homes. However, smart routers not only serve as access ports for home Internet, but on the basis that smart phones, tablets, computers, televisions and even washing machines, curtains and microwave ovens can be connected to each other, intelligent routing is used for unified control and management, realize the transformation of intelligent routing to the role of smart home processing center and become the controller of the whole smart home system'. Experts said that in order to obtain the smart home market, it is not necessary to master smart products such as smart TV, smart washing machine, Smart Switch and Smart socket, but the key is to master the processing center of smart home system, smart Gateway will become the key to compete for the smart home market. Voice interaction innovates home control. Voice interaction technology based on artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the most natural human-computer interaction mode, which frees users of both hands, you can easily control all kinds of intelligent devices in your home by issuing voice commands, such as switching on and off desk lamps, adjusting temperature, watching a movie, listening to a song, etc, this voice interaction mode innovates the control mode in the field of smart home and breaks the control limitation of mobile phone APP networking devices originally introduced by various manufacturers, the original tepid smart home market instantly becomes boiling again. Undoubtedly, in the future, voice interaction technology will become the leading factor for smart home products to realize human-computer communication, moreover, the application of voice interaction technology in smart home is just needed. Taking smart speakers as an example, its positioning fully conforms to the scene of voice interaction in the home and can provide ubiquitous voice control entrance, give the smart home more imagination. Conclusion: on the basis of interconnection, with big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, smart home is expected to further evolve and enter the era of smart home. Therefore, manufacturers should pay attention to research and development, so that smart homes can understand more' At the same time, only by taking the user's demand as the starting point, solving the pain points of the user's demand, being close to the market and maintaining innovation can we be in an invincible position. ( This article is based on European network, forward-looking Network, a & S smart life, firewood cutting network, 1688 Ali headline information sorting)
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