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Overview for nb - Iot application scenario - — nb- Iot | smart lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-08
Wearable applications in wearable equipment, according to the NB - IoT characteristics, suitable for long-term slow disease monitoring, tracking management of children, older people and pets don't rely on the smartphone devices. The bracelet with instant communication products also said that temporarily haven't NB - for now IoT technology of display space. Here we mainly introduce suitable for several kinds of NB - The application of IoT scenarios. Samsung of Samsung recently launched the Connect Tag lost parts, is a based on NB - IoT network consumer mobile products, can through the NB - IoT upload real-time GPS data to determine the trace of the old man child, can also be used in the pet collar, in a large parking lot can't find his car to place looking for following the on screen prompts. There are many such applications, such as NB - based IoT technology of intelligent bicycle. The self will be positioning anti-theft function, as well as other information reporting and tracking function. Intelligent pull rod box, the pull rod box will be intelligent tracking and alarm at a distance, electronic lock control, battery monitoring etc. Based on the application of technology. NB- IoT intelligent bin intelligent trash can facilitate garbage classification processing, can enhance the efficiency of the pickup of the sanitation department. Intelligent trash barrel is made of solar battery, which can realize the bin lid opening and closing of induction, the built-in GPS positioning, with sensors to monitor in the garbage links, to what extent are full and can the information such as temperature, and through the NB - IoT is sent to the cloud, the system can be calculated according to the data returned recycling car route, clear in time is filled with trash can. NB- NB - IoT agriculture demonstration application IoT technology and sensor combination, can through the collection and PH, precipitation, air temperature and humidity, soil moisture, soil moisture, soil salt, plant nutrition and plant physiological ecology index data achieve real-time monitoring of crops, such as data can be collected by NB - IoT network upload a cloud platform and mobile phone APP, with environmental transfinite alarm function. As long as the network coverage in place, can assist rise in agricultural production a big step. For suburban and regions that cover in place, NB - IoT can greatly improve the aquaculture, greenhouses, flower high value-added agricultural production circulation. NB- IoT based on NB - smart grid monitoring IoT intelligent temperature sensor cable temperature real-time online monitoring system of the underground cable temperature monitoring data, and can according to customer requirements setting fixed value lower limit alarm, supplemented by GIS geographic information system timely and accurately locate the fault point. Can be upgraded to expand comprehensive monitoring system for underground cable tunnel, including the use of the NB - IoT of cable grounding current leakage and partial discharge monitoring, cable tunnel of the temperature and humidity, the concentration of harmful gas, and water level monitoring, cable tunnel security including manhole covers, real-time monitoring. NB- IoT smart lock skynet connected nb - science and technology NB - iot smart lock IoT smart locks have been applied to NB - based IoT of public housing: tenants when check-in one-stop personal identity information characteristics of the input, then through the NB - cloud platform IoT network and encryption algorithm is issued to the nb smart lock to match the rental contract, tenant with the id card lock, lock record synchronization to the cloud platform to strengthen management. This will effectively solve the public housing management such as relet, key management, the checking problems such as inefficient, the rent in arrears, can also according to tenants and management needs continue to provide more personalized functions and services. NB- Intelligent parking IoT, roadside parking system including magnetic module ( Built-in NB - IoT communication module) Parking, induction tip screen information, administrators use the PDA/mobile phone APP DengZi module, parking fee management system. Using magnetic detector for parking parking Spaces occupied state acquisition, parking management platform based on the parking time and billing rules to automatically generate the billing data, PDA and push to the cashier. System of the equipment running status, parking occupancy state, record the detail of charges and are uploaded to the parking information management platform, data real-time distributed to information induced outdoor screen, inform the owner of each area remaining number of parking Spaces, area parking guidance. Reverse car scheme does not need to find each parking space detector installation, simply corridor to install a camera in each yard area. After the driver into the parking lot, induced by screen information on their own to find a parking space. When vehicles enter each partition of intersection, set at the crossroads of the camera will shoot into the partition of vehicle plate information, and then these data information sent to the parking management system, used for basic partition positioning function of the vehicle. Leave this partition is at the junction of the hd camera sensors to identify the vehicles leave the behavior, this also is to refresh the partition real-time parking information function. More than just enumerated the NB - Part of the IoT applications, and other NB - Street light, NB - IoT intelligence IoT smart rooms, NB - IoT applications such as intelligent charging pile, limited space, we are not introduced one by one. Believe that, under the push of government and operators as module prices drop, NB - IoT will derive more application scenarios, for wisdom city construction, contributing to change people's lives, is bound to become a big tuyere IoT innovation technology.
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