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People are drifting in the rivers and lakes. Can the smart door lock make us drift safely?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-06
Recently, many netizens have lamented: we survived overtime'But I haven't rented a house'. Freely, shells and other long-term rental apartments are on the cusp of the storm, and public opinion is on the rise. The spearhead is directed at the capital to grab the long-term rental market and carry out the grab'War; There are also voices saying that some illegal long-term rental apartments are under the guise of renting houses'In the name of financial loans' Of. Harm of tenant somehow back a debt and in this a kind of national attention of situation under long rental apartment is one after another broke the many security problems. Alibaba employees died and rented formaldehyde rooms freely before their death' This news occupied the hot search list last weekend. Before that, many news pointed out the first rental that was freely praised' Behind it, there are actually many potential safety hazards. Air quality is invisible and intangible. Before the authoritative investigation results were released, Bang ni did not dare to give a conclusion rashly, but under the overwhelming tide of leasing, each of us may become a victim. Although the supervision of the rental market has been put on the agenda and relevant departments have continuously introduced various policies and regulations to strengthen the supervision of the rental market, the results still seem to be unsatisfactory. In fact, the difficulty in maintaining the safety of the rental market lies in two major practical issues. 1. The management of mobile personnel lacks private rental rent, and tenants are already in disorder. The mixed mix of tenants does bring many uncertain factors and potential safety hazards to community houses or long-term rental apartments. In addition, many landlords often neglect to register with the local police station when pushing or withdrawing their houses from the rental market. The traditional practice of Manual On-site visits for information registration not only requires a lot of manpower, but also its efficiency cannot be guaranteed. 2. Improper safety management of houses is precisely due to the complexity and diversity of tenant groups. Long-term rental apartments should have paid more attention to their safety management. Unfortunately, at present, the security facilities related to long-term rental apartments are not as standard as ordinary residential buildings, and theft is very easy to occur. Security maintenance in most traditional communities still relies on security and video surveillance, but it also faces problems such as loose equipment coverage and weak personnel linkage, resulting in a variety of control blind spots. For the supervision of the rental market, we might as well look at how foreign countries do it first. 1. Safety: The British Housing Act has a housing health and safety assessment system standard' By means of comprehensive hazard assessment, the hazards are divided into four categories and 29 sub-categories: physiological requirements, psychological requirements, infectious disease protection and accident protection, and the government staff will score according to the detailed rules, according to the scoring results, different levels of measures are adopted to regulate rental housing. 2. Deposit: New York State of the United States stipulates that the owner must deposit the deposit into a special account and notify the tenant, and the interest belongs to the tenant. 3. Rent: Germany stipulates that the rent can be increased at least once a year, and the rent increase cannot be higher than 30% within 3 years unless the House is upgraded. If there is any objection to the rent, the rent evaluation committee will arbitrate it, and each city will conduct regular market rent surveys to support the relevant judgment. Here, we focus on the safety of rental housing. This issue should be considered from two aspects. From the regulatory level, more attention should be paid to controllable, supervised and manageable' For individual tenants, they need to pay more attention to protect their lives and property. This question is coming again, how can we achieve controllability, supervision, and management'What? In response, Shenzhen proposed a video access control alarm system for rental housing' , This system integrates intelligent access control management, personnel information management, video linkage, alarm and linkage, event correlation functions, electronic maps, authorization transfer, batch management, key personnel attention and track analysis functions, etc. many functions, in order to realize the effective management of the floating population. As for tenants to ensure their own safety, they may need a set of personalized intelligent security solutions, of which the most noteworthy is the intelligent door lock, after all, this is the first level of home safety' At present, most of the intelligent locks on the market use human biological characteristics for identity security identification and authentication means to open the door, which has the characteristics of irreplaceable, unreplicable and unique, thus eliminating a large number of potential safety hazards. Bangni couldn't help thinking that the frequent security problems in the rental market may be another incremental market for security. As far as Beijing is concerned, the data show that there are an average of 9. 5% per day in Beijing. 10 thousand people are looking for a whole rental, there are 3. 70 thousand people are looking for co-rental. Facing such a huge tenant market, smart door locks may be the next hot topic. In any case, far away from home, their own safety is always the first. Everyone is fighting in a strange city, but it is just to realize the dream of living and working in peace and contentment.
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