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People's purchase intention exceeds, and the spring of smart door locks is coming?

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-14
The perception of everything, the interconnection of everything and the intelligence of everything bring more and wider imagination to the intelligent terminal and mobile Internet industry chain. Taking the development of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence as an opportunity, the degree of smart home landing has gradually deepened, and smart door locks have begun to enter the stage' Central, more and more enterprises are trying to build intelligent home security scenarios and service systems with intelligent door locks as the core. In fact, smart door locks are another important entrance to smart families' , Has begun to be recognized by more and more people, gradually entering thousands of households from the B- end market, becoming the first real smart home product for many families. Starting from the door lock, people feel the real changes of intelligence and Internet of Things technology to the convenience of life. In order to better understand the market and users, the smart door lock brand deer conducted a survey on the use of Chinese people's door locks and released the first 'survey report on the use of Chinese people's door locks'. The report shows that the public has shown great enthusiasm for smart door locks, a brand-new smart home entrance product, and more than 70% of consumers are buying smart door locks or are willing to buy them. Nearly of users have forgotten/lost their keys, and the report shows that nearly of them have forgotten or lost their keys. Losing or forgetting the key is basically a commonplace topic. With the trend of the internet of things in hardware products, the key has gradually become a subsidiary' Products seem to be a burden to users'General existence. The accident rate caused by forgetting to bring the key is also high. According to the data, there are more than 17,000 incidents of forced climbing into the house and accidentally falling into the building due to losing/forgetting the key in our country every year. The cost of solving the door lock problem is high, with nearly 5000 of users losing more than yuan. In order to solve the problems of forgotten and lost keys, we have to bother our families and even turn to the unlocking company, thus wasting a lot of time. According to the questionnaire data, 51. 16% of people need to spend at least 2 hours, 3. 17% of people even need to spend more than 10 hours to solve the problem. The waste of time is only on the one hand. If you need to pry the lock, you will also face financial losses such as service fees and new lock purchase fees. 84. 98% of the users participating in the survey said it would cost hundreds or even thousands of yuan. The survey data also showed that there were 23. 27% of the people lost their property because the door lock was pried, of which nearly 40% lost more than 5000 yuan in economic losses. According to authoritative statistics of the Ministry of Public Security, a family is stolen every 3 minutes in the country, with a cumulative loss of 1130 billion yuan per year. 80% of thieves enter the room through door locks, and 50% of thefts occur during the day when there is no one at home. Key separation is a characteristic of traditional mechanical locks, but it is also easy to cause problems such as key forgetting, loss and door lock theft. In fact, door lock manufacturers have also introduced fingerprint locks, but they have not been popularized because of high price and low sensitivity. Smart door locks have become a new favorite, and more than of the people have obvious purchase intentions. Now, with the progress of AI and Internet of Things technologies and the continuous improvement of the integration of fingerprint identification modules, Bluetooth and other hardware, intelligent door lock is undoubtedly the best choice. More than 70% of the people have the intention to purchase and use smart door locks, mainly because they do not need to bring keys'. It is worth noting that nearly 80% of users' favorite unlocking method is fingerprint unlocking, and the reason is naturally self-evident. The rise of domestic brands and the era of national intelligent door locks are coming soon. At present, there are many kinds of intelligent door locks in the market and the quality is uneven. According to the survey, users have relatively high recognition and trust for big brands. Among them, Luke, Samsung and Kaidi are the most familiar brands to users, with their cognition reaching 75. 5% respectively. 34%, 37. 82% and 26. 16%. Among them, domestic brands represented by Luke, Haier and green rice have occupied half of the top 10 ranking, which shows that domestic smart door lock brands have surpassed foreign brands in quality, it has been recognized by more and more consumers. With the high-quality performance of domestic smart lock brands, China will usher in the era of national smart door locks. Data show that the penetration rate of smart locks in China is far lower than the global level, and the penetration rate in 2017 is still only about 3%. However, with the continuous development of China's Internet of Things field and the increasing intention of the public to purchase new scientific and technological products such as smart door locks, the penetration rate is expected to reach in 2020. 8%. Well-known Internet analysts said that the largest market for smart door locks is the rental of houses in the B- end markets such as freedom and eggshells. While improving the product strength of smart door locks, brand operation is also the key, which helps them to better switch from the B- end market to the C- end, thus entering thousands of households. According to the data, it is not difficult to find that since the second half of 2018, a number of Internet companies including Huawei, Lenovo 360, Nubia, merit technology and so on have launched their own smart door lock products, start layout and seize the door lock, a very important Internet of Things home entrance. I believe that in 2019, the smart door lock market will inevitably open a scuffle. Of course, this is also a new opportunity for market development.
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